Warm Up Fall Evenings

As the nights become chilly and crisp, warm up outside with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Both are fun backyard entertaining additions for after dinner evenings with friends and family. Portable and permanent options give you versatility so whether you want to invest in a mason or contractor to install a customized outdoor fireplace or fire pit, or prefer a portable unit that moves from deck to patio to poolside, you can choose the design and option that works for you.

An outdoor fireplace is similar to an indoor fireplace because of its upright positioning and wood burning or gas option. Permanent outdoor fireplaces are typically built right into a deck or patio area and add a focal point to your yard. If you prefer the ease of flipping a switch to start your fire, choose a gas powered fireplace, but if you want to stay true to the outdoors, a wood burning option allows you to enjoy the smoky smell and crackling sound of a real wood fire.

Similar to outdoor fireplaces, fire pits can be permanently installed in your backyard or you can purchase a portable alternative. Fire pits are typically larger than outdoor fireplaces and have an open flame. Depending on how large you want your fire pit to be and how often you expect to use it, you may consider constructing a bigger, permanent pit. While portable options are sold in a variety of materials such as copper, steel, or have a stone appearance, a permanent fire pit is usually constructed with bricks or stone pavers on a patio or grass space. If you expect to use your fire pit for frequent gatherings or grilling, you can even install it in the center of a large table.

A bonus to an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the ability to turn either into a grill. Purchase some grill accessories and a rotisserie attachment and you’ll be able to enjoy food cooked over an open flame. Fire pits offer the most cooking and grilling options because you have a bigger open flame area to accommodate a grill top, but outdoor fireplaces will still work well for, say, grilling hot dogs or roasting marshmallows.