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Usage of the word “cool” as a slang referring to something fashionable is said to have originated from legendary jazz saxophonist Lester Young around 1933.

Among the coolest stars is brown dwarf ULAS J133553.45+113005.2, 26-40 light years from Earth in the constellation Virgo. Discovered in 2008, preliminary data indicates that its temperature is between 440-530 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first air conditioning for a car was an optional installation (an extra $274) in Packard Motor Car Company vehicles starting in 1939 and discontinued in 1941. It was not a well-thought-out design, the AC took up half of the trunk space and could only be turned off by stopping the car, turning off the engine, opening the hood and removing the AC’s compressor belt.

Permafrost, permanently frozen soil in arctic areas, is so hard that jackhammers are usually required to penetrate it.

Scholars have surmised that what we now refer to as being “cool” was first thought up by Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in his work Nicomachean Ethics and referred to as “virtues.” They are: Courage, temperance, generosity, magnificence, greatness of soul, honor on a small scale, even temper, friendliness, truthfulness, wit, justice and friendship.

The sheer weight of the mile-thick ice sheet sitting on the continental bedrock of Antarctica has depressed the bedrock about 1½ miles below sea level.

Prior to its status as a supercool article of clothing, the leather jacket was the unofficial uniform for the leaders of the Bolsheviks in Russia, the faction who won the Russian Civil War (fought from 1917-1923) and eventually became the founders of the Soviet Union.

It might seem that refrigeration makes things colder, but in accordance with scientific law, refrigeration removes heat instead of adding coldness.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers, with their distinctive black plastic horn-rimmed design are by far the coolest and most popular sunglasses of the past 30 years. This is due in part to a deal arranged by Ray-Ban and a Hollywood product placement firm, which made the sunglasses ubiquitous in movies and TV shows.

Looking for cool accommodations for your winter vacation? Check out ICEHOTEL, a hotel open from December to April in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden made entirely of ice and snow. They supply the warm clothes and bedding to fend off the low-40s Fahrenheit chill.

The “coolest” bacterium, hands down, is Deinococcus radiodurans. It can survive in the coldest vacuums and withstand the chill of absolute zero, which is -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.

The “Cool TV” television channel was once based in Hungary, but its highly explicit and controversial content had the channel flee to Romania to avoid prosecution, while still being broadcast on Hungarian TV.

Successful revival of an individual from cryonic freezing is still far off. Some big hurdles are the reversal of the cause of death and the alleviation of cell damage from the freezing process. And there is the added complications of the revival of those who just had their heads frozen.