Arcadia releases book about Nassau Coliseum

The most recent addition to the Arcadia Publishing family is a book depicting the photo history of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Produced by Nicholas Hirshon, a Queens native who has written for a handful of New York publications and teaches journalism at LaGuardia Community College and St. John’s, according to his personal website, the book was released in late September and captures the Coliseum at its finest moments.

At a time when the structure is in the news for controversy of the property’s future, Hirshon was able to bring back the past and shed light on the moments that made the building glow at one point.

From the property’s early start as an extension of Mitchel Field to the construction of the actual Coliseum in the early 1970s’ to the days of the good old Islanders, New Jersey Nets and everything in between, Hirshon left no stone unturned in his research.

He even had Lance Elder, who was the building general manager for a number of years, write the foreword.

Hirshon also includes photos of concert performers, indoor lacrosse, wrestling and new images of the proposed Lighthouse Project.

Perhaps the only questions element of the entire project is the action shot of Oleg Kvasha as the cover image. The Coliseum and Islanders faithful will certainly tell you Kvasha would be least deserving of a cover shot for any publication. The image is meant to show the depth of the entire arena, but in the course of 28 years there has to be a better shot to use.

“Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum chronicles, for the first time ever, the history of a suburban arena that has often garnered the national spotlight,” the back of the book reads.
Get the book directly from by Arcadia, by clicking here.

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