Durable Kitchen Trends

Most trends come and go, but real improvements raise the bar and can even modify our tastes. It’s unlikely that you’ll undertake a kitchen remodeling project annually, so choose trends that you love. Even if you have no plans to renovate, applying a few simple changes to incorporate the most useful trends can give your kitchen a fresh look. Here are some worth examining.

Budget-conscious remodeling and construction is a practical trend that will likely be staying around for a while. “Budget conscious” doesn’t have to mean “boring and plain” if you think of it as a creative call-to-arms by adding small luxuries to your kitchen with a few quality accents. Selectively-chosen details such as glass cabinet doors, a ceramic backsplash, painted cabinets with decorative knobs, or a statement farmhouse sink will give your kitchen a stylish yet comfortable look that enhances its use as well. To maximize your space and your enjoyment of your kitchen, make it multifunctional. By sacrificing one lower cabinet, build a workspace or desk that allows you to get work done or help the kids with homework while you cook dinner.

If you are making cabinetry changes, go for drawers and counters with hidden uses. Drawers are taking on unexpected and practical functions to make the kitchen function efficiently and look more like a gathering room. Individual refrigerator drawers take the place of a large refrigerator and warming drawers allow food to be kept warm in hidden heat instead of in the oven. Dishwasher drawers are taking the place of standard dishwashers.

Incorporating reclaimed woods and recycled materials such as concrete into kitchen construction is an enduring trend. These materials are sometimes available at lower cost than alternatives and contribute to environmental sustainability.