Getting Fit is as Easy as T-R-X

TRX is a portable training tool that uses leveraged bodyweight as resistance. It’s also the exercise method of choice of my friend, the popular NYC trainer Michael Margulies of Core Fitness. Michael gave me a few reasons why he loves TRX:

*You can take it anywhere. You can hang it from a door, a tree, fence or pole.

*Almost anyone can do some form of exercise on it.

*The device is affordable for most people and a hell of a lot cheaper then a gym membership.

*It allows for over 300 exercises and if done correctly, you get the most essential components of fitness—strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, etc.

*The TRX also improves sports performance by working on core strength flexibility and there can be specific programs with exercises that mimic the movements of sports to make it sports-specific.

*TRX can be a sole source of exercise or, for the conventional exerciser, an accessory to complement and improve any traditional program.

imageIf you’re wondering how TRX might fit into your fitness plans, here’s a sample lower body/core workout—with a little help from Margulies.

“I recommend doing sets in timed intervals of 30 seconds followed by a 30-second rest,” he explains. The more experienced gym rat could go for one minute per exercise with rest periods of 30-45 seconds. To follow are four exercises recommended by Margulies who reminds us that “moving our body either slightly forwards or backwards in most exercises can easily change resistance to accommodate your level of strength.”