International Dining on Long Island – Besito

We North Americans have long held mysterious Mexico close to our hearts. Mexico, rich in history, intrigue and Mayan antiquities, is also a land boasting culinary delights that, until Besito, lost out to the more commercial quick-fix fare and margaritas that made Cinco de Mayo an easy dose of marketing-friendly cultural enrichment. Besito is the brainchild, actually, “small kiss” John Tunney brought to Huntington to complement his other stations (Honu, American Burger). This former Vegas mogul came home to Long Island charged to share his culinary excursions. And that’s just what Besito is. Featuring traditional entrées such as tacos, enchiladas and of course, Platos Fuertes: “Strong Plates” like Yucatan spiced chicken, roasted wild salmon with crispy bananas, grilled beef mignon with Chihuahua cheese and chipotle salsa or poblano peppers stuffed with wild mushrooms, baby spinach, goat cheese, pine nuts and salsa ranchera—serious indeed. You’ll love everything from the fresh-to-order tableside mashed guacamole to the authentic rustic ambiance. And what about that tequila tradition? Besito, now in Roslyn too, is a far cry from the roadside Dos Equis swill stand (though they carry the famed label, too). This bar scene is lively any night of the week busting with fashionable young professionals. What do they drink? Well, cervezas and vinos blanco y tinto do make appearances, as do champagnes and “bebidas” like sangria, margaritas and mojitos (plus a few in-betweens). But the fait accompli is the extensive offering of tequila “shooters, sippers and savors” and very fine extra añejo and mezcals. Call a friend, they’ll thank you.

402 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 549-0100

1516 Old Northern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 484-3001