International Dining on Long Island – Food Markets and Resources

Gourmet Food Markets

Epicureans (aka gourmet markets and purveyors) save you from hum-drum food with absurdly long shelf lives. They charge you or rather, remind you, that eating should be a divine sensual pleasure. Our island is blessed with many, but these favorites serve as markets, gift stops, take-away counters (for meals on the go) or caterers.

Good People’s Farm
Gerard St, Huntington

Manhattan is dotted with countless “little Asian grocers” selling everything from fresh cut flowers to specialty teas to soft drinks. If you’re jonesing for one this side of the East River, Good People’s is your best bet. Fresh fruit, vegetables, catering and take-out are also available. And the name holds true.

Christina’s Epicure
Oyster Bay Rd, East Norwich

The Zoitas family has been helping you “eat better” since 1969 when they first started serving LI & NYC.

Bridgehampton & East Hampton

What started as small neighborhood market in 1912 is now a household name. Whether in NYC or the Hamptons, celebs who can shop anywhere, shop here.

Kitchen Kabaret
Roslyn Heights & Bay Shore

As close to a homecoming as you’re going to get away from your own hearth. This is a favorite of all and many—from the blue-collar roughneck to the haut sophisticate.

Main St, Holbrook

A number of our favorites came up for the debate like A&S (Deer Park, Massapequa, Northport, everywhere), Del Fiore (Patchogue) and Fratelli’s (Stony Brook), but Lombardi’s won out not least of all because of the sheer scope of everything you can get there, the central location and of course, Mama. This is your one stop.

Karl Ehmer Pork Store
Patchogue & Seaford

What distinguishes a German butcher from any other? In Germany, butchers are treated like master craftsmen, subject to extensive training that results in being able to make something edible from every piece of a pig. Or at least, that’s what Steve Fahner, who inherited his father’s Patchogue-based Karl Ehmer, told us. Shop here for a unique and versatile display of deli meats, wursts, sausages, knödles, mustard, sauerkraut, dumplings, pastas, pancakes, spaetzle, specialty chocolates and cookies… well, you get the point. Each Karl Ehmer is an individually owned family operation but holds true to the heritage.

Cooking Classes

A la Carte Culinary Services
(516) 599-2922

Specializes in recreational cooking classes and corporate team-building.

Culinary Academy of Long Island, Syosset
(516) 364-4344

A professional culinary career curriculum with cooking as well as theory/lecture classes.

Culinary Arts Program, Suffolk Community College, Riverhead
(631) 548-2500

A comprehensive A.A.S. degree curriculum that prepares the student for entry into a professional culinary career.

Loaves & Fishes Cooking School, Bridgehampton Inn
(631) 537-6066

Wed. and Sat. night classes covering either a kind of dish or cuisine from an area or season.

Viking Cooking School, Garden City
(516) 877-1010

Workshops, demonstrations, basics of cooking class series, guest chefs, special events and more.

Online Recipe Resources

Mobile Apps

iPhone: Mario Batali Cooks!
This app features 63 Italian recipe demo videos along with cooking basics/technique videos, all featuring Chef Mario Batali himself. There are also food and wine pairing ideas, virtual shopping lists, glossary and much more.

iPhone: How to Cook Everything
The app version of New York Times columnist Mark Bittman’s bestselling cookbook. 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations are available in an easy-to-search format, as well as detailed preparation guidance for culinary neophytes and Bittman’s favorite recipes.

Blackberry: iFood Assistant LITE
Get easy and quick dinner ideas, including home versions of restaurant classics as well as budget-conscious dishes.

Blackberry/Droid: Patrik’s Easy Cooking
A mobile app cookbook for hip, experimental foodies by lauded chef Patrik Jaros. There are 72 recipes all with no more than 5 ingredients in some interesting combinations.

Droid: Recipe Puppy
A recipe search engine—input the desired ingredients and Recipe Puppy will search among over a million recipes across 30 recipe sites.