International Dining on Long Island – Kabul

With all the talk of Afghanistan these days, you must be at least a little curious about this culture that dates back to thousands of years BC. Tucked into a strip mall along Huntington’s Jericho Tpke, a cultural polarity to ancient Afghanistan, this venue is as close as you’re going to get without transgressing State Department warnings. The setting is somewhat austere, which some might argue adds to the authenticity, but proper embellishments such as tapestries on walls, fringed lamps and crocheted seat cushions lend to the legitimacy of this family-run spot. In fact, they import their spices directly from Afghanistan. If you’ve sampled from Mediterranean cuisine or that of the Near East, consider yourself well prepared for what this menu has to offer (different, but familiar). A variety of yogurts serve as sauces or toppings, which accent the fare and make it unique. Tastes run from sweet to hot but the faint of heart need not worry; it’s not exactly the type of food to make your eyes water. Instead, the overall gastronomic experience is light (in taste and consistency), varied and surprisingly aromatic. A visit to Kabul Afghan is an exotic, but not too risky, proposition for intimate couples and large groups or families alike—even if it is Friday Night and the belly dancer makes her appearances. Just watch the regulars and do likewise.


1153 East Jericho Tpke.,
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 549-5506