International Dining on Long Island

Eat Your Way Around the World
6 Exciting Cuisines to Experience without Leaving LI
(And the spirits and epicureans to match)


French food is hard to pull off. Exciting French food is next to impossible. But ever since Mirabelle moved to its new home at the Three Village Inn at the heart of Stony Brook Village, something’s been happening. And it’s good.
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We North Americans have long held mysterious Mexico close to our hearts. Mexico, rich in history, intrigue and Mayan antiquities, is also a land boasting culinary delights that, until Besito, lost out to the more commercial quick-fix fare and margaritas that made Cinco de Mayo an easy dose of marketing-friendly cultural enrichment.
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It could be argued that Italian is the national cuisine of Long Island. Yet, there is such a vast span of dishes being offered it’s hard to know what exactly the “real Italian” places are.
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With all the talk of Afghanistan these days, you must be at least a little curious about this culture that dates back to thousands of years BC. Tucked into a strip mall along Huntington’s Jericho Tpke, a cultural polarity to ancient Afghanistan, this venue is as close as you’re going to get without transgressing State Department warnings.
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Café Buenos Aires

Café Buenos Aires is a relaxed spot where Argentine Hugo Garcia lives his American dream. Born in Mendoza, Hugo has brought his charisma to the front of restaurants, and his love for food and know-how to the kitchens, here in New York for 30 years (Ever hear of Bistro Cassis?).
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The single greatest thing about Mediterranean food is it includes the best of many cultures, including southern Europe from Italy to Greece, Turkey and northern Africa, particularly Egypt.
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Eating Off the Beaten Path

Viewing a precious stone in a jewelry store is one thing, but unexpectedly finding a treasured gem in an unlikely locale is far more exciting. That’s true for restaurants as well—nowhere more so than on Long Island where some of the best are hidden away in unlikely, difficult-to-find, off-the-beaten-path places.
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Places to Drink

Our Island is home to countless venues that boast cocktail menus and ambiances that nod to chic hotspots around the world. Frequenting these haunts lets you sample from the world market without participating in any would-be currency wars.
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Food Markets and Resources

Epicureans (aka gourmet markets and purveyors) save you from hum-drum food with absurdly long shelf lives. They charge you or rather, remind you, that eating should be a divine sensual pleasure. Our island is blessed with many, but these favorites serve as markets, gift stops, take-away counters (for meals on the go) or caterers.
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