Design Trends

The goal of making the bathroom a comfortable and personal space is consistent despite design trends. For some time now, the hottest trends in baths involve adding a touch of luxury. A very popular design trend is the blending of modern and traditional styles. If you are considering adding a new bathroom or remodeling a current one, here are some design ideas to steam up your bath—in a good way.

Transforming the bath into a personal spa retreat is a long-running trend that you can modify to be as simple or as lavish as your budget and space allow. Master baths are usually the best candidates to spend on to create a soothing spa atmosphere. The first step is choosing bone, beige and white tones along with wooden frames and furniture. Glass and handcrafted tiles are often introduced into baths to add elegant textures. For a full spa transformation, warm up chilly mornings with heated flooring and install shower jets that massage your post-workout muscles.

The fusion of traditional and modern styles is a recent trend that brings the best design elements of each together for a fresh approach to bath design. One take on this blend includes traditional stone floors and wood details with the unexpected touch of a modern black marble countertop or a wall of tile.

Other trends on the upswing are easy to apply to your bath without a full renovation. Switching to low-flow faucets, toilets and showerheads will cut down on your water bill and help the environment. A modification as simple as a new faucet can have a surprising impact on freshening up a tired bath. Antibacterial tile, which kills bacteria when it is exposed to sunlight or artificial UVA rays, is a newer invention that is perfect for a sunny kid’s bath. If your bath lacks natural light, don’t despair. It is a common problem, and bathroom lighting trends have evolved into the multi-layered and multi-purpose approach found in other rooms. Soft lights with dimmers are soothing to create ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere, while brighter task lights are positioned above a vanity or throughout the bathroom with individual switches.