Republic of Wolves CD Release at Broadway Bar on Nov 28

I’ve been fitting myself into that small space
That you set out for the screaming of the wind
Cause that is all I’ve ever been

—From “Cardinals” by The Republic of Wolves

What better way to give thanks for music this weekend than to support local indie rockers, The Republic of Wolves, for their CD release at Broadway Bar in Amityville on Sunday? Singer/guitarist Mason Maggio and guitarist Christian Van Deurs started the folk project Tigers on Trains in 2006—with Billy Duprey on keyboards and (now guitarist) Gregg Andrew DellaRocca recording their tracks. The four soon began writing together, recruited drummer Chris Wall, plugged in, and became TROW. The powerful quintet has already been compared to fellow Long Islanders Brand New (a friend of a friend posted TROW’s demos on YouTube as Brand New leaks, and they were well-received, even after exposed the Wolves as the real creators).

After the 2009 release of their acclaimed EP, “His Old Branches,” fans have been anticipating the Wolves’ first full-length disc, “Varuna,” which debuts November 30th, with hard copies for sale at the show on Sunday. Influenced by musicians as diverse as Bob Dylan, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Anathallo and Radiohead, TROW keep listeners captivated with their ambient, intense sound. The band is drawn to literature, mythology and religion (with three members still in college) as evidenced by the emotional depth of the lyrics. Named for an Indian god of water, the album has an ocean theme, which ties into their LI roots:

“Living on Long Island, the ocean has always been something that’s interested us,” notes Wall. “We’re particularly intrigued with the mystery, vastness, and danger that go along with it. So, it just kind of came together naturally that we would create a loose story based around these ideas blended with some more abstract concepts like faith, free will, and death.”
Songs range in intensity from the melodic, Coldplay-esque “Woolen Blankets,” to the epic “Greek Fire,” and the quiet-loud-quiet first single, “Oarsman,” the video for which was shot on the Island, and can be viewed here:

If the full-length isn’t enough to appease, look for another EP, “The Cartographer,” to be released on 1/1/11. Until then, join the quintet in celebrating their CD release bash at Broadway Bar on Sunday, when Hotel Of The Laughing Tree, Lights Resolve, and Tiger Riot will also perform. For more info, check out: or

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