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Greenport Harbor Brewing Company Assistant Brewer Greg Doroski gave Super Neat and my description of Anti-Freeze, their new winter seasonal, a cuddly bloghug in the latest entry of his own internet online diary journal, GHBC Brewer’s Blog, so we’d like to use the next five seconds in life to return the favor.




Here is said description of Anti-Freeze:

Don’t be intimidated by its name?Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s Anti-Freeze, an English Old Ale-inspired winter seasonal, is anything but toxic and created for use in internal combustion engines. A chewy, full-bodied ale, reddish-brown in color, with hints of caramel and toffee, Anti-Freeze is a “beer drinker’s winter beer,” said assistant brewer Greg Doroski. “Malt forward, with subtle floral hops flavors and aromas and a touch of warming alcohol.” No automobile deserves such a treat.

If you want up-to-date information on Greenport Harbor’s brewing stuffs, visit GHBC Brewer’s Blog.