Facebook Flirt

I got a Facebook flirt. I happen to like this lady, but I can’t tell if it’s your typical superficial Facebook thing that doesn’t mean anything or if it’s a bona fide flirtation. How should I respond? I’d like to pursue this, but she is no more than a “recommended friend” of a friend, so I don’t want to look like a jerk.

imageDear Facebooker,
Geez Louise, a flirt on Facebook? My initial reaction to flirting on Facebook is that it’s not a good idea. I question why she is taking that route to flirt with you. Whatever happened to phoning a friend and discussing your interest in that individual? You both share a mutual friend so reach out to the “mutual” and let him/her know you have an interest in this lady. If you like her, pursue it, just not on Facebook. So, take the next step—find out how to contact her and speak to her.

I recall getting winks on a dating site (remember Facebook is not a dating site!) and thought, ”Are you kidding? A wink? What am I supposed to do with that?” If they were interested, they would at least say something to me. Seems to me there is a possible mutual interest that, in the very least, should be explored. Look at both sides of the opportunity. You may have a cup of coffee with her and after ten minutes, as I did many times, say, “Nice meeting you,” and leave. Or, you may find that an hour has flown by so quickly because there is interest and spark. Open the lines of communication and believe—dreams do come true.

Jeanie—A dream believer!

imageFacebook shmacebook!. Let’s face it (no pun intended), this is not your father’s venue for flirting. There was a time when direct contact was the norm. You met someone at a party, baseball game, a nightclub or were simply introduced by a friend. There was a time when a friend was informed of the interest and there was a message exchange. Hey, who’s that guy? He’s cute? You got the message and your confidence soared enough to send a message back. If it clicked, great. There’s a “dance” involved—a real physical surge that we all enjoy. That should be embraced, for we are instinctive animals and to ignore the sense of attraction is next to impossible.

But back to the Facebook flirt. A flirt is a flirt. A connection is a connection. If you feel the flirt is sincere and you want to pursue this person, by all means go with your gut! Flirt back, have fun, go slow and learn about yourself. We all want to be pursued and want what we don’t have. Again human nature! Do the dance, make it fun, make it last, but enjoy the journey!

Garrett—Happy and lovin’ life!

jeanie nobile and garrett morgan

Jeanie Nobile and Garrett Morgan are a couple on the go. With two busy careers, households to maintain and children to put through college, they find time to enjoy and cultivate their relationship, and have become the go-to couple for serious advice or real and simple fun. Email them at lovetake2@lipulse.com.