Garage Conversion

The garage tends to be an overlooked area of the house, falling to storage and wasted space. If you do not keep your car in your garage, and if it currently functions as a dumping ground for old furniture and household items, why not convert your garage into a functional living space? Many homeowners choose to convert garages into bedrooms, offices or playrooms, but trends in garage conversion are about creativity and designing a personal space.

Unlike a remodeling of rooms such as kitchens or living rooms, which exist within a home, garage conversions offer a lot of freedom when it comes to function and design. As a part of the home that is often detached or at least farther away from regular day to day living space, the garage is an opportunity to gain space and treat yourself to a fun, bonus room such as a home gym or yoga retreat, wet bar or a space designed for your favorite hobby.

Before you get started on your garage conversion, be aware that some towns require that you have a permit to convert your garage into a habitable space. Check with your town prior to starting your project. You will also need to decide if you will keep your garage door or build a wall. While it is common to frame the space where the garage door was and add windows or a door, some conversions keep the door in place. If you keep the garage door, invest in an opener with a quiet motor and choose a door that has windows so that you’ll enjoy natural light.

Garage concrete flooring is often uneven, cold, and ugly, but you can eliminate these concerns by laying down a new floor with a sub-floor, a layer of plywood and shims on top of the concrete. Comfort is a priority in any room of the house, so when converting your garage space into a living space you will need to decide what electrical, plumbing or HVAC work will go into the project. If you don’t have the skills to do this work yourself, hire a contractor. Not only will you be confident that your new space will be properly wired, piped and heated, but a good contractor will have suggestions along the way to enhance your new room.