How to be a Good Valentine


The Men’s Guide to a Women’s Mind
1. Don’t forget it, even if she tells you she doesn’t care about V-Day, she still has to report your gift to her friends the next day. Don’t blow it.

2. Make her dinner. Even if it’s not gourmet, she’ll think it’s sexy. And sweet, which women find sexy.

3. Invent a new day, just for her, though this doesn’t let you off the hook this month. On the 14th, give her that beautiful thing she’s been wanting and in the card declare another day in her honor. This will give her something to look forward to when you might…

4. USE your male DIY instincts and pamper her. Don’t just send her to the spa, draw her a bath, give her a good massage, brush her hair. Women love to be attended to—it goes back to when queens had ladies in waiting.

5. Give her a dream: Take her to the one place she’s always wanted to go or buy her the one thing she always wanted as a kid. This says, “I listen,” which she will think is sweet (and sexy).

imageThe Woman’s Guide to a Man’s Mind
1. Tell him Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter starting the week before. This will take the pressure off, simultaneously reminding him of its approach and thereby guaranteeing he won’t forget. But gently, intermittently, offer hints of what you might want. He can fill in the blanks.

2. Drink a scotch with him, or a beer, or any brown liquor, we promise—it will NOT put hair on your chest.

3. Rent a car, a really fast one (think Iron Man), pick him up from work in it (wearing a short skirt) and take him somewhere. The vineyards, a brewery, the city, AC, you know what he likes.

4. Rent a hotel room and order breakfast in bed. Do something wild (and naughty) in between.

5. Put on your high heels, some Robert Plant and model that ridiculous thing he bought you last year, it’s not all about you.

6. leave this page lying around so he knows what you’re thinking—and why.