Tim Bishop Knocking Out Concussions

Rep. Tim Bishop with the support of the NFL re-introduced legislation to set minimum safety standards for concussion management in public schools, his camp announced Wednesday.

Bishop’s legislation, The Protecting Student Athletes from Concussions Act, has the support of a coalition of Bishop’s colleagues on the House Education and Workforce Committee including the panel’s Ranking Member, George Miller of California, his staff said.   

“Concussions are an unfortunate reality of competitive sports from the sandlot to the Super Bowl,” Bishop said in a statement.  “This legislation will raise awareness of this very prevalent injury among high-schoolers, help teachers identify the subtle warning signs of concussion in classroom performance, and provide guidance for parents and coaches on when it is safe for a concussed student athlete to return to the playing field.”

The legislation requires that individual school districts design plans to educate students, parents, and school personnel about concussion safety and how to support students recovering from concussions.

cal hunter

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