Bookworm Blog: “How to Be a Werewolf” by Serena Valentino

There are times when you just feel like going out and howling.

Take weekends, for instance. You and your friends love to go out and blow off some steam, go wild, get loud, and have some fun. Your dad calls that “howling” and he’s not too wrong.

But there are also times when you really need to howl. You need to point your muzzle skyward and let loose with a sound that terrifies anyone that hears you. “How to Be a Werewolf” by Serena Valentino will help you corral those impulses and be the best half-human you can be.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s something different about you. Maybe you’ve lost track of your nighttime, or you’ve come home with dirt beneath your fingernails. Maybe you’ve had an inexplicable craving for red meat lately.

Maybe you might be a werewolf.

But what kind of werewolf are you? You’re going to want to know that, and you’ll want to know who you hang out with. This book will help, with quizzes and a basic run-down of the kinds of werewolves there are, where they came from, and what they’re like. You’ll also learn the seven signs of being a werewolf, just in case somebody’s hiding their true identity from you.

If you haven’t had a chance to figure out the finer points of living as a werewolf, this book can help there, too. Since you wouldn’t want to hurt anybody, learn how to tell if you’re a menace to society – and if you are, find out how to suppress your wolfishness and avoid werewolf hunters.

On your off-times – when you’re more human than wolf – you’ll want to quietly blend in with people, and “How to Be a Werewolf” helps with fashion tips, clothes and make-up, and how to date as a half-human.

What if you’re not a werewolf, but you know a few of them? In this book, you’ll find out how to throw an awesome werewolf party and what wild bands to hire; places to go and things to do to immerse yourself in werewolf culture; and plenty of lycanthropic history to bite into.

So is this book for real?

Partly. You decide which part…

Split somewhat in half, “How to Be a Werewolf” starts out assuming that the reader is a werewolf with identity issues. That felt fakey to me at times, as if we were all in on a big joke that half of us wouldn’t understand.

Fortunately, this book redeems itself in the latter half. Author Serena Valentino does a great job informing her readers about werewolves in history, literature, TV and movies, and more, all of which made me forgive the tongue-in-cheekiness of the first dozen (or so) pages.

It also helped that there’s some fantastic artwork in this book, too – pages and pages of it.
If you’re half wolf, a “Twilight” fan, or just love werewolves in general, grab this browse-able, quick-to-read, very cool book. For you, “How to Be a Werewolf” is a howling good time.