“Your Pinkie is More Powerful Than Your Thumb…” by Mark Di Vincenzo

Some days, you feel like such a weakling.

Oh, sure, you work out and exercise. You’re fitter than you’ve ever been in your life. You go to the gym on a regular basis and that’s great… until you see the guy with muscles on his muscles, who’s lifting the equivalent of you and not breaking a sweat. You don’t know whether to be awed or awwww’d.

But fear not, and show him who’s boss. Become a mental giant by reading “Your Pinkie is More Powerful Than Your Thumb and 339 Other Surprising Facts That Will Make You Wealthier, Healthier and Smarter Than Everyone Else” by Mark Di Vincenzo.

So Mr. Flex over there might be buff in the gym, but he’s fluff in knowledge. Does he, for instance, know that those muscles won’t save him if he tries to go without water for a week? That all that bulk won’t help if he’s plunged into 40-degree water for 40 minutes? That, size-for-size, he’s weaker than a one-ounce beetle?

No, he thinks he hung the sun, which is impossible, of course, because he’d die before he got halfway there. You can bet he’d try, though, and you wouldn’t lose – unlike the guy who was $127 million poorer after a single night in a Las Vegas casino.

But enough about that muscle-bound knucklehead. Your brain is mightier than his. You still have your natural teeth (unlike a quarter of Americans over 65). Your pinkie is stronger than your thumb. And you have a better relationship, probably because you follow football.

And that relationship, oh, it makes you smile. Your honey is so romantic: you scrub floors and wash dishes together all the time. You spend hours gazing into one another’s eyes with barely a blink. Much like the married couples in our nation’s capital, the chances are you’ll stay together forever – unless, of course, you move to Monaco, where there is such a thing as being too close.

Still, the two of you have a colorful relationship – maybe even more so, now that a new shade of blue has been found. And as for Mr. Fitness, well, don’t worry about him. He’s so dumb, he thinks trees are only good for wood and leaves…

Want to know a little bit about a lot of things? With ten basic subjects but plenty of mental wandering, author Mark Di Vincenzo gives you that knowledge in “Your Pinkie is More Powerful Thank Your Thumb”.

This is the kind of book you want when you’re killing time (there are an estimated 100 serial killers the cops don’t know about), if you’re monkeying around (Curious George is known as Zozo in Great Britain), or if you’re waiting on hold (Saddam Hussein only used a telephone twice after 1990). It’s fun, and yep, it’s irresistible.

If you’re a lightweight in the knowledge department, or if your brain just needs a work-out, you’ll want this book. For you, “Your Pinkie is More Powerful Than Your Thumb” is something to get your fingers on.