Nostalgic & Elegant Mother’s Day Gifts

When you pan your memory scents for “mom” you probably think things like fresh baked cookies or laundry soap from all the time she spent in the kitchen or scrubbing your grass-stained soccer pants. When mom thinks of her signature scents, it’s more along the lines of elegant evenings, spring days and overall beautiful, lightness of being. BVLGARI, Issey Miyake and Balenciaga have come up with new additions to their existing classic lines—she’ll love them. Available at Bloomingdales in both perfume and eau de toilette (though the perfume lasts much longer) in a range of sizes.

Tissues? Check. Lipstick? Check! Butterscotch? Check! Band-Aids? Probably! Part of mom’s job is to be prepared for anything at any time, which makes her purse her toolbox. And these clutches are like a secret weapon—discreet yet powerful. Unlike the large sacks of yesterday, Super Woman will fit all her essentials without getting weighed down. Clutches shown here available at Lester’s (Huntington Station).
Invisible jet sold separately.

Remember all those nights mom snuggled you and kept you safe and warm? So does she. Quilts are a big thing this year. One with updated patterns (i.e. no country flowers or stars) will make her feel young and hip…and yes, safe and warm. The better place for sweet garden things mom loves is in or on glassware like vases, trays, picture frames and scented candles, which she also loves. Shown here are Bloomingdale’s Ikat quilt and Fringe glassworks, both available at Bloomingdales.