The Other Superfoods

Almonds help lower cholesterol and, feel a headache coming on? Eating a dozen almonds is the equivalent to taking two aspirin.

A solution of baking soda and vinegar applied to bee stings will soothe the infection.

Beans and whole grains are rich in fiber that aid in weight management—they keep cholesterol and blood sugar in check and, like bananas, they keep you feeling full so your appetite stays curbed longer. Beware: Canned beans are often high in sodium.

Beef, chicken, turkey and eggs all deliver phosphorous, which works with calcium and Vitamin D to build bones.

Active peds suffering from athlete’s foot often benefit from cornstarch applied directly to the skin.

Green Tea prevents plaque from building up on teeth and causing gum decay, inhibits bad breath and protects tooth enamel.

Kiwis, citrus and fruits rich in Vitamin C are your best friends for holding your cells together by affecting collagen levels, which protects elasticity in your skin and the strength of gum tissue.

Onions kill a variety of bacteria, especially when eaten raw, and serve in homeopathic remedies, too. Got a bruise? Apply sliced onion and wrap firmly, the swelling and color will virtually go away. Vinegar works similarly when used as a compress.

Pumpkins, sweet potatoes and crunchy veggies high in Vitamin A form tooth enamel, stimulate gums and naturally clean teeth as you chew. Calcium-rich sesame seeds deter plaque on teeth and promote enamel.

Cholesterol? They say soy, tofu and edamame will help keep levels low. Caution: Soy is not recommended for those with a history of breast cancer in their family.

Skin problems? Tomato paste is known to cure boils (when used as a compress) and can also dislodge blackheads.

Ladies suffering morning sickness could get relief by sucking on an ice cube, or by eating ½ tsp cumin seeds, cinnamon and sliced ginger

As with any health and wellness advice, consult your physician before following any of these practices.