May 2011 Pulse Rate

3 compelling theories as to why men die sooner than women: Men are aggressive from the influence of testosterone, their cells age faster because of more iron in the blood than women and men are more susceptible to cell aging and damage due to the lack of a second X chromosome.

The first automobile land speed record was set by Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat at Achères, Yvelines, France, Dec. 18, 1898. In a Jeantaud electric car, he managed 39 mph.

Belt rankings in martial arts are a fairly recent convention. The rankings were first used at a Japanese Go board game school in the 1600s and Kan? Jigor?, the Japanese founder of judo, adopted them
in 1883.

European royalty were not known for devotion to health and fitness—witness Queen Anne, a 17th century English monarch. She grew so massive that she was unable to use stairs and was hoisted and lowered by ropes through a trap door to go between the floors of Windsor Castle.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the unexpected victory by outnumbered Mexico over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. But it turns out that a rematch a year later had France as the victors. It took an intervention by the US in the late 1860s to finally expel the European imperialists.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates was the first to declare that diseases have natural origins and are not caused by “the gods” or any kind of supernatural phenomena. His philosophies and literary works are revered to this day.

Mother’s Day originated as an ancient Greek and Roman festival dedicated to the mother goddess Cybele. The Christian church transformed this into Laetare Sunday, a Lenten celebration of the Virgin Mary and your “mother church.” It was gradually adapted to the Mother’s Day we know today.

Digestion vernacular: The scientific term for swallowing is deglutition and the material that moves into the small intestine after being processed by the stomach is called chyme.

There were originally two separate Memorial Days in the US. It was Decoration Day in the North, which honored Union soldiers killed in the Civil War and in the South, Confederate Memorial Day was celebrated. Until WWI, the South refused to share the day with the North.

The name “dumbbell” for exercise-related weights comes from Tudor-era England, where athletes borrowed church bell clappers for upper body workouts. This silenced or “dumbed” the bell.

For healthier eating habits and a generally longer life, it wouldn’t hurt to favor authentic Japanese cuisine. Their traditional diet, heavy on seafood, is almost devoid of cholesterol and saturated (bad) fats.

What happens to an insect trapped by a Venus Flytrap? The inner surface of the “mouth” (lobes) has six sensitive trichomes, when an insect touches any two, the trap closes. This forms a kind of stomach, wherein enzymes are excreted and the insect is digested for around 10 days.

So where did the word “soccer” come from when the rest of the world calls it “association football?” Simple: as(soc)iation football(er).