Waiting on an Island with Indie Folk Duo Destry

I can tell that it’s gonna be sunny from now on
And don’t you forget it
If it tries to rain on you, just don’t let it

—From “Gone” by Destry

If you’re ready for summer, put on Destry’s latest disc and drift away to sunny days with the duo’s soothing vocals, bittersweet lyrics and 60’s-sounding pop confections. Long Island bred Michelle DaRosa, formerly of Straylight Run, and Dallas-born Tyler Odom of Northstar/Cassino knew each other for ten years before merging their singer/songwriter/guitarist talents to form Destry in 2009. Their latest effort, “Waiting on an Island,” debuts Tuesday, May 3rd, with 10 cleverly crafted songs.

“The lyrics come from our lives and whatever we were going through—good and bad,” notes DaRosa. “Tyler and I are both fans of the Everly Brothers and really wanted this album to have a retro sound. One review described our sound as ‘Best Coast meets She & Him, and sleeps with all The Beach Boys.’ I think that’s pretty sweet.”

Odom played the majority of instruments on the album—with Will Noon from Straylight Run on drums, and DaRosa’s husband, Jeff, playing bass on some tracks. But the Boston-based DaRosa and the Nashville-based Odom both play guitar live, and are often joined onstage by a bassist and a drummer. When Destry play Matchless on Saturday, May 14th in Brooklyn, you can experience the layered melodies firsthand.

“This tour will be the first time we play a lot of these songs live,” says DaRosa. “Right now, my favorite song to play live is ‘Don’t Break my Heart.’ “I’m also really looking forward to playing ‘Into the Rain.’ The two guitar parts blend together so nicely, and I can’t wait to play it and harmonize with Tyler.”

If you hear any covers they’ll be of influences like Sam Cooke or The Everly Brothers. (In the past, they’ve recorded “Chain Gang” and “All I Have to do is Dream”)
For more info check out: www.myspace.com/destrymusic and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Destry/44147911814?v

lisa heffernan

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