All Peace, All Night

I have often thought about whether or not a conflict actually exists between believing really strongly in peace and wanting to support veterans. I personally think the answer is no; veterans have gone out and put their lives on the line for our country regardless of whether you believe wars should be fought in the first place. They deserve all kinds of respect. And possibly… songs?

The folks at Bartini Bar have put together a benefit event that brings all of this together. It’s called “All Peace All Night” and features a long list of Long Island musicians, playing indoors and outdoors, to raise awareness for peace and to raise money for Operation Proud Hearts (an organization that helps veterans and military families).

This is transpiring at 2pm on Saturday the 28th (hey, that’s Memorial Day weekend…) and will go on all night. Two stages will feature local acts like Dave and Magge Drew, Copper Rose, Vitamin D, Shaken Not Stirred, MediaCrime and many more. For a full list of performers, and to RSVP, check out the event page on Facebook.

rorie kelly

Rorie Kelly is a singer/songwriter from various parts of Long Island. She recently released her debut CD called "Wish Upon a Bottlecap." Rorie and her band play regularly in NYC and on the island. Please visit for more information and pretty songs.