Nada’s Notes June/July 2011

*lively up yourself and don’t be no drag
lively up yourself, ‘cause this is the other bag
hey, lively up yourself and don’t be no drag
you lively up yourself, dig it, the other bag
hey, you rock so, you rock so, like you never did before
you dip so, you dip so, and you can dip thru my door
you come so, you come so, oh yeah, like i do adore you
you skank so, you skank so, i can assure you

Things just seem a little easier in the summer. maybe it’s because we’re not weighed down with layers of clothing or balancing umbrellas against the gale or because from the earliest years of childhood we are taught that summer is a time for play—sixteen weeks of recess. (clap hands.) actually, the why doesn’t really matter, does it? it’s the what you do with it, where and with whom that counts. (clap hands.)

and there is no shortage of things to do. to help you find your way through it, we’ve compiled our annual summer fun guide. you know it, you might have even been looking forward to seeing it again, occasionally referencing last year’s to find a great restaurant, museum or spa over the winter. like all things, this incarnation is back, new and improved. we sifted through thousands of listings, checking them twice, to give you the best of the best. this is your ultimate resource for finding anything you need this summer. beaches? check. dining? check. golf, fishing and water sports? triple-check. social agenda? check. shopping? check. art shows, museums and cultural events? did you have to ask? check, check and check. there are many more surprises hanging around those twenty pages, too. curious about pet-friendly venues? polo? music and street festivals? yup, you’ll find them. (clap hands.)

we also caught up with some of the big names in music and entertainment who will be making a splash on our shores this summer. b. smith, an iconic groundbreaker, dishes with aileen jacobson about the experiences that led her to becoming a legend in lifestyles and home design, one of the east coast’s most fashionable restaurateurs and of course, the first african-american supermodel, before they even had supermodels. music editor steve matteo interviews david bromberg, the inimitable guitarist, who will make an appearance at the great south bay music festival (we have the skinny on the festival too). bromberg lives up to his rep as a “musician’s musician” by blending varied genres on varied instruments while playing with varied musicians. how many individual bios include jazz, bluegrass, folk, guitar, dobro, mandolin, violins, willie nelson, jerry garcia, bob dylan and the beastie boys? and for a good time, call colin quinn. or niko krommydas who interviewed him for this issue. like quinn or not, know him or don’t, his new show is a hilarious portrayal of the history of the world. ever wonder why we are the way we are? according to quinn, it’s because we are the descendants of the haves, the ones who made it, and not the “please, go aheads.” quinn’s show long story short, directed by jerry seinfeld, makes its hysterical and roaringly cynical debut at east hampton’s guild hall this month, and the interview is as delightfully arch.

no summer issue would be complete without the oohs and aahs of our striking swimwear review, and this year photographer thom gilbert takes us to carmel. shark fishing and hamptons baseball will pique your weekend sporting delights. hot tubs, outdoor rooms and haute habitats await all you obsessive nest featherers. and for the auto-philes, lamborghini is our portrait of a super car.

the summer sky is pouring down its fountain of youth, get out and soak it up. just remember to put this issue down before jumping into the water (especially if you’re reading a digital version). go ahead, clap hands.

*can you dig it?


*lively up yourself, bob marley

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.