Mazzard Effect’s Debut Release: “Flooded With Light”

Mazzard Effect is a guitartastic melodic rock duo from Nassau County. Sal Locascio and Dan Keene have both been around the block of the LI music scene, studying music seriously both in and out of school and performing in a wide range of settings of genres. With their debut album, “Flooded With Light,” they took the opportunity to flood the listener’s ears with many different guitars, in many different tunings, playing in many different meters. But this isn’t to say the sound is busy—just big and dynamic.

“Firefly” is the tune I’ve been walking around humming. The melody and the enigmatic lyrics (“Just because I’m cold as seasons/I won’t let it show…”) are what got me. Sal Locascio’s writing is at times complex and at times bare-bones honest, and it’s an exciting mix for the listener. The layered vocals and guitars lend this album a haunting quality that’s difficult to place within a genre.

Mazzard Effect plays live as a duo around the island and in NYC. An interesting juxtaposition to their serious, thoughtful sound, their live shows involve Irish brogues, tall tales, and lots of silliness. You can try to box these guys in, but they just won’t have it. Check out some tunes and upcoming show dates at

rorie kelly

Rorie Kelly is a singer/songwriter from various parts of Long Island. She recently released her debut CD called "Wish Upon a Bottlecap." Rorie and her band play regularly in NYC and on the island. Please visit for more information and pretty songs.