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While I’m definitely a glamour girl at heart, when it comes to my home, country is one of my favorite design styles. I love the laid back look and rustic interest it adds to a room, something I think is a perfect match for living in East Northport. Whenever I’m taking on a new project at home, I typically go for country with an industrial slant, that way it’s a bit more modern. Galvanized steel, rustic wood and burlap make for a favorite combination.

I’m currently in nesting mode, trying to organize my home as I await the arrival of my first baby. Aside from the nursery, my kitchen has become a focus. I’ve quickly realized my little baby will need a lot of room for all of his bottles, formula and later baby food and snacks. Time to shift a few things! As I started to look for inspiration, I found myself going back to one website in particular:

I see this website pop up from time to time in many of the shelter magazines and blogs I read and I am somewhat familiar with it. However, once I started digging around, I was ready to order half of the offerings. I love the casual look of so many of the products. My favorite is the burlap lined iron baskets–these are so perfect for storing odds and ends on a kitchen counter , on open shelving or in a pantry. I plan on picking up a few to line the top of my cabinets. They’ll make for an attractive place to store items like baking supplies or espresso pots that I probably won’t be using when baby arrives.


Another great find is the multipurpose wooden box. I had a similar prop with me on a photo shoot once that I filled with potted herbs. That’s my plan for this summer; however, I can see this as an attractive home for baby bottles later on.


My kitchen drawers are rather narrow and we always have trouble keeping the multitude of tools in there. To make room for baby needs such as bottle brushes, wipes and other must-haves, I’m thinking of moving all of my kitchen utensils into a vessel on my countertop instead. This blue-and-white multipurpose kitchen holder would be so perfect. I love the antiqued finish and its orderly layout as opposed to all of those round canisters I’ve been seeing.


Finally, I’ll be adding one or two of these colorful wooden trays to my shopping cart. I love the gold for a little glamorous touch. Trays are a wonderful way to corral odds and ends on a kitchen counter, giving it a bit more order. I love how low the rims are, they’re perfect for displaying all of my bottles and jars of oils and favorite spices.


How about you, what are some of your favorite online shopping sources?

lauren debellis

A former magazine editor, Lauren DeBellis has been writing and producing stories about home decorating and design for nearly ten years. She resides in East Northport with her husband.