Dreaming of the Dark Night Sky

ON HIM Robert Graham white button up, Robert Graham brown corduroy
ON HER Burberry sheer green plaid top, shoes (stylist’s own)


Hugo Boss jeans, Michael Kors white button up


ON HIM Elie Tahari shorts, Vince hoodie
ON HER Burberry black jeans, theory net top


ON HIM Hugo Boss jacket, Saks Fifth Avenue mens collection scarf
ON HER Ted Baker pants, Ted Baker top, earrings (stylist’s own)


theory peasant top, BCBG shorts, shoes (stylist’s own)


ON HIM Vince beige sweater, Vince grey pants
ON HER Ted Baker leather jacket, 7 For All Mankind jeans


Ted Baker black dress, necklace (stylist’s own)


ON HIM Robert Talbott khaki pants, Saks Fifth Avenue men’s collection button up, Saks Fifth Avenue men’s collection suede jacket
ON HER Ted Baker sweater, 7 For All Mankind jeans


Hugo Boss jeans, Vince sweater


Burberry wool coat

photos: Lynn Spinnato
assistants: Alison Frasca, Juliana Palmiotto
words: Bergés Alvarez
hair: Hair by Ezel for ChiroSpa using Bumble and Bumble products
makeup: Matthew Anthony
models: Marcia and Ross for Major

Shopping Directory:
Women’s Wardrobe provided by Bloomingdale’s (Roosevelt Field & Walt Whitman Malls)
Men’s Clothing provided by Saks Fifth Avenue (Walt Whitman Mall)
Zoki “the Bear” Groomed au natural in the Airedale style

Poetry: “Dreaming of the Dark Night Sky” is the first publishing of the poetry of Bergés Alvarez. By day, he oversees many of the inner workings of a medical organization. But beneath the dark night sky, he dreams in poetic stanzas. Deep in his heart is a yearning to reflect and grow and come to understand the greater meanings of our every day lives.

Shot on Location in Patchogue Village, Special Thanks to Russ Taveras

Drawn to it,
one must catch sight of dawn’s
young soft glow.

A slight streak of restful radiance,
against the silent black night sky.
Fresh, mysterious, gentle and warm,
delicate and intricate.

It calls out faintly
shows its beauty and frailty.
Calm colors, dark and light,
fleeting and brief.

A reluctant moon, nestled in its place,
slowly passes, and still holds firmly,
for attention against the fading dark sky.

Let the tender dark night tumble, and turn over, once more.
Let sleep remain folded, covered and untouched.

Pulled, is the gentle sad passing night
unwilling to surrender
to the approaching new light.

The cool darkness remains and drifts,
exhausted and drained.
It keeps the soft warm glow of day
from breaking.

Pressed and rubbed are the stars,
slowly moved back out of sight.
Dawn is draped and tenderly drawn
to replace the dark layers of the night sky.

Wanted are the sleepy soft dark thoughts
that lay beside me, like the stars, they are willing
to remain forever, captured in the dark night sky.

Let twilight branch out, and fall back upon me, once more.
Let its cool lasting trace, its sweet dark embrace
Its residue linger, with me once again.

poem by Bergés Alvarez