August 2011 Playlist

The following are superb recent releases from artists who are part of famous musical families just in time for spending the dog days with your own loved ones.

Edie Brickell
Edie Brickell
(Racecarlotta Records)

Edie Brickell’s newest solo album has a decidedly crisp r&b groove in spots and her relaxed style and distinct vocal approach have never sounded better. Add to this her more recent collaboration with Steve Gadd, Pino Palladino and Andy Fairweather-Low as part of the supergroup The Gaddabouts and what you have is Brickell in one of the most fruitful periods in her career. These are two albums that can stand proudly alongside hubby Paul Simon’s recent, equally cool solo album.

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
Bright Examples
(Ninth Street Opus)

Sarah Lee Guthrie may not offer any musical signposts that point back to her famous dad Arlo or grandfather Woody, but along with husband Johnny Irion she is making music that would certainly make them proud. Rather than the epic songs of her dad or the raw social folk of her grandfather, Guthrie and Irion’s newest album balances Guthrie’s beautiful voice and Irion’s edgier rock side. Unlike many who toil in the folk and singer-songwriter world, this duo has made a very accessible album that could easily cross over.

Teddy Thompson

The son of Richard and Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson continues to make music very much on his own terms. While this new release does not have the same full production of his superb previous release, it does continue to reflect Thompson’s enormous gifts as a songwriter and a vocalist of truly unique style and beauty.

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl)
Acoustic Sessions

For all the kin of famous musicians in this roundup, perhaps none has more to live up to than Sean Lennon. Lennon has made wonderful, extremely underrated pop albums on Capitol and now steps out with his own label. Along with his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, he has made two delightful albums that merge exotic rhythms and romantic European stylings that will thrill fans of such acts as St. Etienne, Brazilian Girls, Ivy and others. The duo’s newest is a soft, romantic affair of the heart that quietly stakes out an original new direction for a truly talented couple.

Beady Eye
Different Gear, Still Speeding

Basically Oasis without Noel Gallagher, this new group sees Liam Gallagher leading it through surprisingly lean Brit-pop songs that don’t suffer from the loss of brother Noel, who was Oasis’s primary songwriter. Much of the hard edge and anger of recent Oasis albums has thankfully been replaced by an almost mid-60’s pop sound. While fans of Oasis hope the group is not broken up for good, this new band will do just fine for now.

Hearing is Believing
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