Move Beyond Good and Evil with Tally Hall at the Bowery Ballroom

Capitalists and Communists
You did the Hokey Pokey and it went like this
You hate each other and you love yourselves
It might be heaven and it might be hell

—From “&” by Tally Hall

Zubin Sedghi thinks his fans deserve cupcakes. It’s been six years since the release of Tally Hall’s acclaimed debut, “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum,” and the band’s bassist really appreciates the fans’ dedication and enthusiasm. Fifteen hours after “Good & Evil,” the group’s follow-up effort, was released on iTunes, it hit #10 on the Alternative Chart. And the Michigan-based quintet—Joe Hawley (Red Tie) Guitarist/Vocals; Zubin Sedghi (Blue Tie) Bassist/Vocals; Rob Cantor (Yellow Tie) Vocalist/Guitarist; Ross Federman (Gray Tie) Drummer; and Andrew Horowitz (Green Tie) Keys/Vocals—have been touring since July in support of their whimsical, 14-track disc about dichotomies.

“Between the five of us, our taste in music is vast and eclectic,” notes Sedghi, one of four songwriters in the group. “From classical to rap, and electronic to classic rock, we cover quite a bit of ground. I always struggle [with describing our sound], but I tend to settle on harmonious, 60’s influenced rock.”

The band’s melodic harmonies and eclectic sound can range from the Flaming Lips (“Never Meant to Know”) to the Buzzcocks (“Turn the Lights Off”), the Beatles (“Misery Fell”) and even Queen on the epic closer, “Fate of the Stars.” Performing Friday, August 19th at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan—with openers Casey Shea, April Smith, and the Great Picture Show—Tally Hall will suit up with colored ties:

“The outfits were chosen to distinguish us from other college bands when we were at the University of Michigan,” recalls Sedghi. “Our tie colors initially matched our instruments. Strangely, we’ve grown into them. We switched tie colors for a brief clip in a music video, and it felt quite strange.”

“Spicy, yet tasteful” multi-instrumentalist Bora Karaca, who will don an orange tie, will be joining the quintet onstage.

“We’ll be playing mostly music from our new album with a few older album songs sprinkled in,” reveals Sedghi. “We love playing covers, but we change it up. You’ll have to join us to find out… I’d love to tour with the Beatles or Franz Liszt. I’m looking for a mania of some sort.”

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