Nada’s Notes September 2011

*there was no way to prepare,
nothin’ i could see
all i saw was a woman
walkin’ up to me
(she’s got my mind)
now say big booty woman,
booty, turn me loose
i need to go home,
i can’t stand your moves
you see your high heels are killin’ me
it’s like a valentine’s heart shakin’ me
oh yeah!

right about now, you’re probably thinking a lot of things. or maybe you’re just trying to enjoy your coffee and think about nothing in particular at all, looking for escape from a 24-hour news cycle pummeling you with the grim details on everything, and at once nothing at all. but the best of thoughts are about balance: taking in the world’s most difficult headlines, but then also finding a moment to appreciate the beautiful ones.

balance. allowing yourself to make peace with the heavy challenges of your day, but still finding time to delight in jollity. this issue focuses on the trends in fashion, culture and long island lifestyles, but it is really about balance.

it’s alan semerdjian writing about the balance of old and new that is coming to the center of huntington village in the form of the paramount, where the IMAC previously held strong for over 25 years (rest in peace Michael Rothbard, we miss you). alan takes you on his pre-opening walk-through with the owners of the auspicious venue for a glimpse of what’s to come for our area’s music scene. it’s a vision that manifests first in a building, then in Elvis Costello’s appearance marking the opening show and extends through a lineup of eclectic talents booked from there.

it’s kimberly jones writing about balancing what we need to do with what we want to do and applying a little bootstrap pragmatism and common sense to the recent detours along our American way. it’s the balance of celebrating some of music and entertainment’s biggest names who are coming to long island, like bakithi kumalo (“graceland” bassist) playing the long beach jazz fest and iain matthews (of fairport convention) playing stony brook, but also taking a moment to applaud the ones who have always been here—like jack licitra and the “waterfalls” he renders with his guitar and that groover of the chapman stick, steve adelson.

and of course, it’s about balance between preparing for the last quarter of the year and all the seriousness that intones, as Sam Levine advises in his primer on life’s endless interviews, and bracing for the changing weather by taking the time to treat yourself to look the part. our fall fashion, shot on location at the avant-garde carlton hotel in NYC, is an escape from flirty whimsical summer clothes and a run for the coy, dramatic stylings of the fall. intrigue & obsession is a film-noir take on the notorious “girls night out,” complemented by two new segments. tastes & trends covers the two leading trends for fall and how they’ll work for you, penned by celebrity fashion commentator jill martin. editor’s picks casts a spotlight on some of the finest accessories and products i come across when curating our various shoots, fashion shows and content for the magazine. you can find them, just a few exits down on the LIE.

balance comes in the form of small things too, like sharing a good meal with old friends at a new restaurant. but it’s also in the quiet, ethereal things that come in nestled blocks of time. like playing hooky and taking a long weekend away to while in the last rays of summer or savor the first tastes of coming autumn. our annual 5 weekend getaways offers quick jaunts with historical and artsy spirits that are all within arm’s reach of here.

these articles, and others, are collected in this issue as a celebration of our island’s finest, meant to offset the impact of the more difficult realities we face not only as a region, but also as a people of this planet. after all, variety is the spice of life, as is moderation. this is your chance to stick your thumb in the eye of that incessant media cycle and do something just for yourself, just because. these are indeed confusing times, but nothing brings clarity like a little break from it all.

*i wanna stay with you,
you can lock the door


*stone rollin, raphael saadiq

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.