About the Sea

Art that captures rolling waves, peaceful contemplation, glinting moments and discovering “treasures” on the shore are all part of the exhibition, About the Sea. The show inspired by the ocean is on view at South Street Galley in Greenport through Aug. 22.

The exhibition is a painterly show where sculpture and installation have their part to play.

A ceramic installation by Judy Motzkin channels the experience of walking on the beach and spying shells and water-worn objects. What may not be readily apparent is that each piece is ceramic and assembled in groups. The installation includes stacks of tumbled clay and thick rope installed in groupings in a corner of the gallery. Wall sculpture by Motzkin is part of the show.

Sculptures by Tiffany Sedaris are made from fractured glass icebergs. The shards are stacked and resemble jutting icebergs or delicate, glinting mountains. Three sculptures are positioned next to a picture window where sunlight and moonlight streams through the clear glass.

Mostly, the show is a painterly. There are oil paintings by Annie Wildey, Joyce Zavorskas, Amy Worth, and Alice Denison. Each demonstrates a different style of paintings. Zavorskas is showing a series of expressive oil studies of dune erosion. Worth uses a pallet knife to create thick, sweeping textures that mirror the way waves brush the ocean’s surface.

Denison applies her oil paint in thin, delicate layers to create compositions of floral forms embraced by the sea. Wildey’s paintings capture the aggressive side of the ocean featuring crashing waves glowing with light and implied emotion.

One undercurrent of About the Sea is that it’s partially a family affair. The show is curated by Boston-artist Kate Ledogar Grogan. She is a sister of gallery director Amy Worth. Their siblings, Alice Denison and Jim Ledogar, are part of the show. So is their mother, Joan Berglund.

Each is a professional artist in their own right with gallery representation other than the South Street Gallery, said Grogan. The show presented the chance for the far-flung family to exhibit in the same gallery. Worth agreed to exhibit some of her larger paintings after coaxing from her sister, Worth said.

Each family member makes art inspired by the sea, creating the perfect storm for a family show, said Grogan.

Grogan is exhibiting a series of small paintings made on small pieces of cardboard. The art was made while taking a cruise and mixes high and low art. Ledogar mixes machine and water channeling livelihoods relating to the sea. Berglund is a watercolorist who has two works in the show. She also created a whimsical series of aquatic life on driftwood which is part of the exhibition.

The show includes art by Joel Janowitz, a past Whitney Biennial exhibitor, Megan Barron, Anne Lilly and Daniel Maher.

About the Sea is on view through August 22 at South Street Gallery, 18 South Street, Greenport. The show is viewable online. www.thesouthstreetgallery.com (631) 477-0021

pat rogers

Pat Rogers is a freelance writer specializing in arts and culture on Long Island. When not going to art openings or interviewing actors or musicians, she’s looking for the next interesting story.