Isles Ink Deal with Tattoo Company

Last year the Islanders inked a deal with a company that sells cupcakes. This year, it’s tattoos.

Maybe when the team no longer plays on Long Island thanks to political nonsense they’ll focus on signing talented hockey players.

The New York Islanders announced Friday an agreement to designate Tattoo Lou’s as the official tattoo shop of the New York Islanders Hockey Club.

Proudly, the organization made it clear that this is the first time a professional sports franchise has ever designated an official tattoo shop.

Tattoo Lou’s will set up a tattooing and body-piercing station on the Nassau Coliseum concourse for 10 Islanders home games during the 2011-12 season. Tattoo Lou’s will also sell Islanders-centric body jewelry and tattoo-inspired Islanders t-shirts and sweatshirts.

“Our team is thrilled to bring another Long Island institution to the Coliseum, especially one from such a unique industry,” said Justin Johnson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Marketing for the Islanders, in a statement. “Tattoo Lou’s is an innovative brand with a creative vision. They’re a great fit with our energetic team on the ice and our youthful fan base around Long Island.”

cal hunter

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