This Poem Has No Title

However it holds her raven hair & his robin-egg eyes
& misery’s cousin & my left hand,
your twisted smile & yesterday’s dirty dishes &
Wednesday’s forgotten trash day, the
yellow ten-speed’s handle bars & two mosquito bites & photo of me at nineteen…

This poem has no title, nevertheless it keeps the second hand clicking & the dryer turning
& the TV blaring, the radio playing, my empty stomach churning & my drunken neighbor yelling,
while the car is moving toward the impossible…

This poem has no title, still it surrounds us in Allen’s voice
& Whitman’s beard, morning mist & white-tailed deer,
three bay scallops & one dying star, my four cats & seven purple balloons,
the last day of summer & my bruised wrist
& their ending affair, pain’s sister…

This poem has no title, still it corrals my thoughts
& unleashes the wind & naps at 2:00 am & is on the road
with Kerouac, works out with Jack LaLanne & sings “Look
What They’ve Done To My Song Ma” off key & plays spider
solitaire when no one is watching…

Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan was the first woman to be appointed Suffolk County Poet Laureate (2009-2011). She is the founder and president of The North Sea Poetry Scene, Inc., publisher of The North Sea Poetry Scene Press and the editor of Long Island Sounds Anthology. She has been honored with a Long Island Writers Group Community Service Award and the MÖBIOUS Editor-In-Chief’s Choice Award. Visit her on Facebook or at her website