Nada’s Notes October 2011

*meet me in the morning, 56th and wabasha
meet me in the morning, 56th and wabasha
honey we could be in kansas
by the time the snow begins to thaw/
little rooster crowin’, there must be something on his mind…

It may be customary to think about a person in terms of the characteristics of their zodiac sign, but have you ever thought of people in terms of a car or a food or an animal? Or how about a month? Have you ever met a very October person? (Stay with me a minute here.) Everyone knows a June dove—bright as the sunshine, always happy. And we do love our January boys—silent, austere, slight buzz left over from the weeks of imbibing. But October is clear, light air. Crisp, dark skies interrupted only by the occasional comet. And the wonderful festive leaves crunching warm earthy glory at our every turn. The intrigue of All Hallow’s Eve dating back to pagan times continues to delight us with uneasy superstition as we make a skittish dash for the indoors. She is shadows broken by ethereal lights, pumpkins, beer, harvest and corn mazes, rich elegant dinners and hardy French toast, homecoming…

This is a very October issue you have in your hands, too. Delighting in the change of climate, it starts with pages like our Retail Therapy and Enchanted October accessory and fashion segments to get you outfitted in the clothing and notions that will keep you toasty when the air cools, but looking worthy of a toast when you make your entrance…full feather, as they say.

As you get ready to adjust your playlist and DVR schedule for the season, we have a trinity of interviews with talent you’ll want to keep front and center. Aileen Jacobson interviews the special guest star of the new season of Dexter, which returns October 2. The Quiet Intensity of Edward James Olmos is at once enigmatic and charismatic. His singular portrayals of saints and sinners have been profound over the years, making this limelight not only overdue, but, in a sense, an understatement. Jam rocker, guitarist, social whip and southern gentleman Warren Haynes is on tour with his latest Man in Motion. Drew Moss, our yeoman music writer (Did you catch his Mickey Hart interview in August?) caught up with Haynes for us. The Allman Brothers Band member lent his gravel to Drew’s page. At about the same time, but in a different place, our Steve Matteo reconnected with another current member of the Allmans, Derek Trucks, who is on tour with his wife, Susan, in the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Consummate, raw, October people, all of them, including Tedeschi, gracing our pages for you in this issue, Olmos coming to the small screen, and Haynes and Tedeschi/Trucks to our local stages (The Paramount and Tilles Center respectively).

But we know October, in her fluent moodiness, also likes to tuck away indoors as the temperature drops, making our special focus on home design and entertainment your new governor for the coming months. The cards foretold you’d be pulling back the rugs to do some heavy nesting before the holidays are in your lap. Before the clouds gather, this section steers you to the color green (yes, It’s Easy Being Green), the virtual amulet stealing the show in design trends, find out where, and how, to use it. Characteristic features like home aquariums and front porches are also getting increased attention from designers and these two segments give you the authorities’ predictions and best practices. Our real estate column and Cover Your Assets segment prime those inspired to invest. And for our feature presentation (and yours), we draw back the curtains on Home Theater Extraordinaire, consulting with leading specialists to decode the creation of the ultimate showplace. After all that, we figured you’d want to bait friends and family to your place for a sit-down dinner, cocktails or holiday party. Our pages reveal the Great Entertainer, covering everything from hosting a party to being a guest to taking great pictures that will leave an uncanny impression.

Even now, it is still summer here, where I am, in the September behind this page. The morning after our big annual Fall Fashion show (find pics on page 14) and I’m ready to layer my feathers on for the coming mysteries of fall. I think I’ll start with 5 Fantastic Breakfasts (no, not all at once, the article on page 128) profiling the krafty kitchens serving up morning delights.

well, i feel just like that rooster,

*meet me in the morning, bob dylan

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.