5 Fantastic Down Home Breakfast Eateries

Winter’s coming and you’re itching to bulk up. Nothing does it like a hardy breakfast. Especially on a slow, steady, crisp Saturday morning. These are just the kind of kitchens you’ll want to linger at, enjoying the sweet abandonment of clocks, inventive “mom-like” chow and the chance to while over the morning paper, front to back.

Love Lane Kitchen

Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck provides one of the North Fork’s best country breakfasts, and the authentic rural setting to boot. On quaint, tree-lined Love Lane, one of the shortest thoroughfares in America, this modestly-sized gem has a menu of fantastic, locally-sourced gourmet meals prepared from scratch.
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Glen’s Dinette

Glen’s Dinette, located in the heart of Babylon Village, is a perennial, all-American favorite from another time, with charming, friendly diner ambiance and décor. The proprietor, appropriately named Hapi, greets customers of every age group by name as they walk in the door and he escorts them to “their spot.”
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Maureen’s Kitchen

When you hear people talk about top breakfast places on Long Island, you will undoubtedly hear the name Maureen’s Kitchen. There is a valid reason for this and you’ll find out as soon as your nose crosses the threshold.
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Thomas’s Ham & Eggery Diner

When it opened in 1946, Nassau County was still mostly farmland. From that time to the present, most of the locals have claimed this eatery as their favorite breakfast place. Welcome to the local institution known as Thomas’s Ham & Eggery Diner, a place of classic diner features, including stylish vintage stools and funky color schemes.
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Toast Coffeehouse

A warm and artsy place in a warm and artsy waterfront town. Port Jefferson’s Toast Coffeehouse is a bohemian hangout extraordinaire with people traveling high and low to drop by for a bite.
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Bonus: Elegant brunches for your Sunday pleasure

Dressing up for Sundays is just one of those things mama taught you. Do her proud and keep the traditions at these chic eateries where a delectable late-morning feast will be served with first-class mimosas. Hey, bring mom while you’re at it. (Reservations recommended.)
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