Maureen’s Kitchen

When you hear people talk about top breakfast places on Long Island, you will undoubtedly hear the name Maureen’s Kitchen. There is a valid reason for this and you’ll find out as soon as your nose crosses the threshold. But before you can act on that olfactory enticement, expect to wait because customers come from across the island for a seat at this breakfast nook. Maureen’s resembles a rural country eatery, featuring an open floor plan and worn wood floors. It’s almost as if the entrance teleports you to a locale in the hinterlands of New England, Pennsylvania or beyond. There is cow art everywhere—big cows, small cows, comical cows, traditional cows and everything in between. The waitstaff is busy and there is constant foot traffic and bustling activity restaurant-wide. This diner paused long enough to wonder how many marathons the fine ladies slinging coffee have run across those floors.

imageAll of that fades away quickly though because, above all else, Maureen’s delivers top-notch eats. “Try our fresh baked muffins,” urges a prominent message on the menu, and the aphorism did not disappoint. The pumpkin walnut and pistachio cranberry muffins deliver nutty goodness with the option of being lightly toasted and buttered (less of an option and more of a must, actually). The nearly dinner plate-sized pancakes are absolutely scrumptious and in all variety of guises—banana nut, Oreo cookie, apple cinnamon and, the absolute best, pistachio pancakes. Green-colored due to the titular ingredient, they are warm and fluffy with a topping of crushed pistachios. (Not that you could go wrong with the Oreo ones.) Their homemade baked oatmeal is of a “best-ever” class boasting bits of apple and cranberry pieces and warm milk on the side. They can also throw down on the egg front, with such perfectly-cooked specialty omelets as a portabella mushroom, bacon, scallion and goat cheese combo. Another innovative as well as tasty dish is the croissant French toast with cream cheese and raspberry preserves, with layers of fruity and creamy flavor. If you consider yourself any kind of morning snacker, make it your mission to experience this granddame of the local breakfast world. The syr…hold on, I’ll be right back—

1 Larson Ave., Smithtown
Breakfast served all day, starting at 6am Mon.-Fri. and 7am Sat.-Sun.
(631) 360-9227