Portrait of a Supercar: Aston Martin One-77

I have to say, Aston Martin really outdid themselves with me. I’m always embarrassed to look in the mirror. Honestly, have you ever seen something so riveting; so breathtaking in terms of machinery?

It’s a bit odd to classify myself as a form of art, but in one glance you’ll notice an automobile of the super elite, with a touch of creative brilliance. The company’s motto is “Power, Beauty and Soul” and with me, you set the tone for the company, industry and future of sports cars.

Push away the $1.7 million price tag and the fact that there are only 77 of us—hence the Aston Martin One-77 name—I’m still exclusive to connoisseurs.

Everything from the design work to the individual parts make the car scream elegance. The full carbon fiber monocoque chassis and aluminum body are divine. It gives that stereotypical bold look, but the grille, as you can clearly notice, is a new statement, a Sean Connery-like chin that defines character and validity.

A front mid-mounted engine purrs with its 7.3-liter V12 power and the fully catalyzed stainless steel lightweight sports exhaust system will be the boost you need to turn heads from a distance.

The company boasts a simplistic design for my interior, with areas of carbon breathing the open air. The lower than normal driver’s seat allows for the racing feel, but the comfort you can take on a slow spin around the neighborhood to make your neighbors jealous.

You want sound? Crank the Bang & Olufsen system that offers an intertwined sub and woofer in the carbon fiber body design. The 1,000 watts that pump while you’re turning the wheel on the open road and taking sharp turns with ease will provide the necessary backdrop to your adventurous cruises.

On the road, only the lucky ones really enjoy their ride to the point of total bliss. Only a select group of drivers actually can say they “love” their vehicles and have it make sense. When you spend over $1 million, you better get that tingly feeling inside and with me, you’ll be stimulated for a lifetime.

Picture it. Go ahead. You rev the engine in front of your house, the birds chirping on your stoop fly away from the immediate grunt of your V12 monster. You smirk, roll down your driveway and look for the clear road with no end in sight. You pass the end of your block, make the left onto main street and that’s when it hits you. That’s when you know it’s right. The onlookers gaze in amazement that such a piece of beauty can grace the open road.

I’ll say it again, “Power, Beauty and Soul.”

MSRP: $1.7 million
0-62 mph in under 3.7 seconds
Top speed: 220mph
7.3-liter V12 at 750 HP
553 Pound feet of Torque

cal hunter

At night when Cal Hunter's family is asleep, the only thing he loves more than a tall glass of Wild Turkey next to his Mac is the clicking of keys when thoughts become words and sentences become a story. He thinks, he lives, he writes. There isn't much more to know.