Siding to Withstand a Long Island Winter

Winter is approaching, and brings with it another extreme seasonal change for Long Island. While you may not be looking forward to ice, freezing temperatures and snow, there is a way to protect your home from these extreme conditions, and this is one of the rare occasions that a brand and product are unique enough to write about specifically. There are plenty of siding options on the market that aim to protect your home from the elements and give your home’s exterior an attractive look, but choosing a resilient and high performance type of siding will make a significant difference. James Hardie siding is specifically engineered for individual climates. This means that Long Island winters are no match for your home’s exterior.

James Hardie’s HardieZone™ System is a popular choice for siding across America, and its unique engineering means that the type of James Hardie siding that is installed on a home in Texas is actually different from the siding installed on a home on Long Island. The science behind the HardieZone™ System takes into account climatic variables of different regions so that siding is built for optimum durability and endurance. For Long Island and other northern regions of the United States that get hit with rough winters of snow and ice, but also experience very hot summers, James Hardie siding has the HZ5™ line of siding products. This siding resists damage from snow, ice, moisture, and freezing temperatures that typically wears down the exterior of a home.

James Hardie siding is a functional choice, but it also has aesthetic advantages. Whether you like the look of cedar plank shingles, or vinyl siding outfitted with complementing trim and gables, James Hardie has a variety of product lines in varied colors, textures, and looks. This siding also has excellent paint adhesion so if you choose to paint it, the paint will have a beautiful, long-lasting appearance.

When choosing to replace your siding, it is a good idea to meet with a contractor who specializes in James Hardie installation techniques and is familiar with the product line. Any type of James Hardie siding that you select for you home will allow you to benefit from climate-resistant siding, but an experienced contractor can help you navigate the options and design ideas and you’ll be confident that your siding will be long-lasting.