The Red Zone November 2011

Top Three Alcoholic Consumption “Dream Partners”
3) Complete Cast of D2: The Mighty Ducks
2) You. Kidding. Not you. Never you. Never.
1) Me in Ten Years, or Now, or Next Thursday, or Anytime


Brasserie 214
(516) 354-7797, New Hyde Park

armand vanderstigchel |aeiou and y|
1. badass : The kung-fu scene was armand vanderstigchel.
2. head chef of brasserie 214 : see below.

Vanderstigchel ignores brasserie convention (Belgo and Francaise themes) at 214, self-dubbed as “NY’s Largest Schnitzel Bank,” and invites dishes from countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland and Poland for Euro-cuisine playtime; their imported beer chums also accompany.

“I decided to expand the cuisine choices to countries in the Central Europe region since their cuisines overlap each other and all these countries are the founders and creators of great beer,” said Vanderstigchel. “The food we feature from these countries were ‘born’ to pair with beer.”

MP Taverna
(516) 686-6486, Roslyn

Introduction of MP Taverna via several Zagat-like quotations is: “Hellenic Modern.” “Dope.” “Flavor Profile-Categorized Beer and Wine List.”

An accessible, non-yiayia-and-bouzouki presentation of Greek-eats by executive chef Michael Psilakis, East Northport native, of Fishtag and Kefi. George Pappas, manager, on MP Taverna’s selection of ten drafts and 40 bottles:

“We compiled our list based on flavor profile, so, of course, it is divided into different flavor categories [e.g., Dark, Bold & Strong, Full Flavored Unique Beers, Hoppy or Bitter Ales]. This allows customers to better pair beer with their meal and help to complement one another.”

Pappas hopes to rotate the beer selection, which includes Brewery Ommegang Witte, Southampton Publick House Grand Cru and Trappistes Rochefort 8, similar to the seasonally-based menu.

Food/Beer Pair Matrimony: Ostrakoidi Yiouvetsi (mixed shellfish paella and orzo) with Westmalle Trappist Tripel.


C’est Cheese
(631) 403-4944, Port Jefferson

Pronounced say cheese, so, um, say say cheese? Come on. Just say it.

Serves over 75 domestic and imported artisan cheeses (e.g., Cypress Grove Chevre, Jasper Hill Farm, Consider Bardwell Farm), boutique wines, gourmet fromage-creative sandwiches and salads, custom taste plates and an eight-line draft tower pourin’ Chimay Blanche, Lindemans Framboise, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company Hop Meadow IPA and the e-t-c-.

Joseph Ciardullo, proprietor, cites FranÇaise cafes and specialty shops as inspiration, and hopes for an “experience of culture, carefree and relaxed.”

Chillvibin’ with cheese.

The Lark Pub & Grub
(631) 262-9700, East Northport

“John Court [owner] and I are huge beer lovers,” said Eileen Heffernan, manager of The Lark Pub & Grub. “He’s the ‘Hop Head’ and I’m the stout and Belgian lover, which works out well because we meet somewhere in the middle and come up with a pretty well balanced tap selection.”

Recent drafts include Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Liquid Gold, Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel, Peak Organic Brewing Company King Crimson, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Tumbler.

Monthly beer dinners, between four and six courses, occur on Tuesdays, and showcase one brewery or style.

Next Beer Dinner: Stone Brewing Company (11/15/11).

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MP Taverna photo by stephen lang

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