Divine Desserts

The next time you head into NYC for dinner and a show, extend your evening with one of the many jaw-dropping dessert venues the big apple offers. With so many delectable and out-of-the-ordinary sweets, you’ll be fine with staying out past your curfew.

Dolce Vizio
West Village
131 Christopher Street • dolceviziotiramisu.com, (646) 669-7432

Tiramisu conquers all at Dolce Vizio. The clean lined red, black and white modern Italian dessert bar resides on a quaint corner of the West Village where it takes NY’s favorite treat to another layer of sophistication. The star ingredients ladyfingers, cocoa and coffee beans are honored by oversized, artsy photographs on the wall. From every vantage point, Dolce Vizio is a tiramisu lover’s Shangri-la.
Ask yourself: What would you do if you could make your own tiramisu? Your chic new friend displays all the ingredients for your choosing: Chocolate, citrus sauce or mint syrup to soak your ladyfingers, pistachios, coconut and dark chocolate curls to top off your masterpiece. Lucky for you, if the creation is not what you imagined, you can just start over. Not into creating your own? Play it safe and pick from one of their traditional and not-so-traditional pre-made options. Fair warning: You will have a choice overload. Laid out in an open bar are a variety of fresh guilty pleasures ready to be selected. The helpful staff will let you sample different flavors until you find your perfect match. For instance, the Orange Espresso tiramisu, a favorite, is a zesty mixture of citrus drenched with the bold flavor of espresso beans and dark chocolate. While you’re at it, pull up a chair and enjoy a shot of fresh espresso for a nice pick-me-up after a long day.

Tiramisu deserves to be experienced in different combinations, the unique, the daring and the traditional, and you can experiment your way through them all at Dolce Vizio.


The Library at Trump SoHo
246 Spring Street • trumpsohohotel.com, (212) 842-5500

Get a taste of the Midas touch at SoHo’s extravagant dessert den. The Library at Trump SoHo hotel provides unparalleled views of downtown Manhattan and the intimate, sleek, two-story lobby below. It is a luxe nook of a place outfitted with couches and rich details for the comfort of intimate groups. Feast on the combination of surreal tastes and visual presentation with each authentic Italian dessert.
Starting with their most popular, the Bomboloni Della Casa is a masterful trio of homemade Italian doughnuts filled with vanilla and chocolate custards, and apricot jelly. Chocolate lovers will find their haven with the Valrhona Cioccolato Sabotaggio. The vivid taste of each distinctive chocolate goes above and beyond the standard fare. Chocolate cake, chocolate caramel crostata and dark chocolate mousse with Nutella gelato are served in concert for an extraordinary blend. End with a simple refreshing Meringa Di Limone. This tasty lemon custard is sandwiched between two crunchy baked meringue cookies and served with refreshing raspberry sorbert topped with…what else but a gold flake. This is a Trump venue, after all.

Feeling the heart of fall? Order a Thai Hot Toddy with Mekhong rum, honey lemon juice and a delicious cinnamon stick to warm you in front of the chic modern fireplace. An Amber Spice cocktail topped with fresh puréed pumpkin also does the trick.

Take a breather while sampling the exquisite desserts and peruse through the collection of Taschen books laid throughout this lustrous niche. The fresh balance of modern, artful décor and gorgeous Fendi furniture will make it easy for you to pace yourself through multiple rounds of sweet decadence.


Bourgeois Pig
East Village
111 E. 7th Street • bourgeoispigny.com, (212) 475-2246

Walk through the red-draped velvet curtains and into the Bourgeois Pig, a speakeasy doused in Victorian décor where fondue and champagne punchbowls reign. Mysteriously simple and unknown from the outside, it is a white-faced building with two red gothic lights flanked by a towering wood door. Small masses of New Yorkers gather on the outside waiting their turn. An “absolutely no reservations” policy applies but seems to bother no one.

The crimson ambience blends perfectly with the eclectic menu. Savory fondue and petit sweets are mastered with jaw-dropping taste. The 50/50 fondue is a pot housing your choice of two features (dark, white and milk chocolates, butterscotch, dulce de leche and peanut butter) divided by cake. Choose your dipping morsels from a generous portion of options including a variety of fruits, breads and baked goods.

A Warm Apple Tartatan, with unique hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, is a warm, chunky fall treat—you can taste the French countryside. The mouthwatering molten chocolate cake is the perfect gooey, warm combination to round out this rich, LES experience.

Served in white teacups and a considerable tin bowl are the popular champagne punches. Drinking with noble European-esque etiquette, these flavorful drinks will keep you busily ladling all night. Highly recommended by their attentive wait staff (and rightly so) is La Bette Noire, a concoction of muddled blackberries, maraschino cordial, lemon and champagne. Like your favorite vixen, she seems like a dainty sipper but she’s really a powerful potion.

Bourgeois Pig’s marble tabletops, plush velvet chairs and flickering candles make this seductive European parlor the place to cozy up for a chill fall night… And this little piggy went, “wee, that was amazing” all the way home.