The Greater the Risk at the Vibe Lounge

The majority of indie rock band The Greater the Risk have college degrees but have chosen to make music their number one priority. The Richmond, Virginia-based quintet—lead vocalist Daniel Castillo, guitarist Ashley Drewes, guitarist/vocalist Blake Gillespie, bassist Nathan Wilson, and drummer Derek Ames—garnered Alternative Press’ Top Unsigned artist of the month last February, and just released their second EP, “Say What You Never Said,” which was produced by Bryan Russell (Envy On The Coast, Straylight Run, The Narrative).

“Our first EP was mainly a pop record,” says Gillespie. “It wasn’t too flashy, and really just showcased what was to come. But our latest EP is a big leap forward. Better hooks, melodies and, more importantly, better sound. Some songs have an indie rock feel as opposed to a pop feel, which definitely shows during our live performances. We’ve all improved musically, which will only improve our next record.”

Influenced by bands like Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, the Dangerous Summer, and Search the City, The Greater the Risk’s latest effort is “melodically-driven, hook-laden, and full of sweet licks.” Veterans of the Vibe Lounge, the quintet looks forward to playing their newest songs for the LI crowd on Saturday, November 5th. Expect to hear music from both EP’s and some surprise covers.

“We’ve covered the Killers before, and are working on a Jimmy Eat World gem for those who dig their sound,” admits Gillespie. “We like to keep everything original, so that means we’ll often play an intro part here or there, or add parts to a song to make it more enjoyable instead of just settling for a cover… Anyone interested in an Applebees excursion after the show, we’ll probably be down for it this time. I think we were a little thrown off by the excitement over the ‘Bees’ before, but we’re ready for you now!”

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