Yeah We Was There: harbor Q (Port Washington)


harbor Q
84 Old Shore Rd.
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 883 – 4227

Keith Dorman, owner and executive chef of harbor Q, uses a Southern Pride XLR-600.

[Pause for Guess That Sh*t!, the official game show of Super Neat Beer Adventure, Yes!!]


What is a Southern Pride XLR-600?

a) video game for the Atari 2600 console, based on the intergalactic warfare between The Confederate States of America and a platoon of cyborg Mogwai

b) industrial wood-pit barbecue, capable of smoking 600lbs of meat per session

For those who selected ‘b’ as the correct answer, YOU GUESSED THAT SH*T!

[Resume regularly-scheduled program.]



Dorman, a smoker of nine years, serves region-influenced meats (e.g., Kreuz Market Texas smoked beef sausage, North Carolina-style pulled pork) and pair-ready crafts (e.g., Augustiner-Brau Edelstoff, Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale, Stone Brewing Company Smoked Porter) within a space constructed from a salvaged overseas shipping container.

“I researched the best meats from every area, and paired them with beers to make the flavors pop,” said Dorman. “I want to offer product outside the paradigm of dancing pigs and neon lights, because people should experience authentic barbecue.”


Super Neat Consumption Statistics :: 10/21/11

Augustiner-Brau Edelstoff
Hawg Leg (pork osso bucco [shank] smoked for 14 hours, glazed with apricot/peach sauce)
Orkney Brewery Skullsplitter
Saison Dupont



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