Festive Hair

By the time we’ve finished our Thanksgiving leftovers and said goodbye to visiting in-laws, most of us could use some refreshing and a change of pace. A simpler task on our holiday to-do list is to color our hair, but after scheduling a root touch-up a week or two into December, it’s time to find the right holiday hairstyle.

At C3 Salon in Port Washington, a family affair run by the three styling Commisso brothers, Marco suggested a fuller look for my straight hair. He glammed up my locks by blowing them out big with a large brush, focusing on the crown and sides for a tousled and slightly asymmetrical look. His brother Carlo had a smoother, cleaner signature, explaining that big hair signaled summertime for him. Lose the beachy look, he suggested, and go for sleek, shiny up-dos. His “holidayesque” preference was an elegant chignon, or “low bun,” great for clients with long hair.

Enter third brother and former Marine, Dominic, who suggested that winter called for a change in color: Deeper, more soulful colors for brunettes, using reds, burgundies and mahoganies; and richer golds with a scattering of low-lights for blonder clients. For a new color statement, C3 is one of five certified Geo Palette color system salons using a new alternative to the traditional highlight that produces outstanding color results.

Changing it up takes us from ordinary to noticed, which is good for any special occasion. Bianka Lefferts at 27 Hampton Salon in Southampton has styled celebrities for years. An expert in current fashion trends for long hair, she suggested smooth, shiny barrel curls, brushed out to form flowing waves with her signature deep part. Bianka is a fan of dramatic styles and recommended another hair statement: Curling a section of hair on the diagonal, keeping the shape of the curl and pinning each curl with a duck clip. After taking out the pins, run your fingers through the hair, with the curls going backwards to make a beautiful holiday look.

Bianka’s suggestion for at-home styling was simpler. The hair is swept back and sprayed with the shine spray of your choice (she suggested Oribe’s Après Beach, an anti-humidity, salt-free, oil based product that won’t leave the hair dry). It is then slicked back with both hands and brushed into a smooth ponytail with elastic fastened low at the nape of the neck, creating a gorgeous look perfect for parties.

My last stop was Bewitched Salon in Woodmere. Owner and stylist Cathy Mennella, a warm, attractive woman whose hair was shades of burgundy, auburn and mahogany, told me, “‘Tis the season to be kind to yourself,” and suggested a deep conditioning treatment for healthier hair.

“Voluminous hair is making a comeback, whether it’s soft waves or cascading curls,” she said. “Nothing is more flattering than holiday height.”

She also suggested protecting my hair from the elements with a styling product, such as Health Goddess by TIGI or any other leave-in moisturizer that would safeguard the hair from indoor overheating. Nothing is more entrancing than winter wonderland, but no one loves a snowy scalp.

For clients with curly hair who don’t wish to go noticeably straight, Cathy recommended TIGI Catwalk Curlesque, a styling cream that defines and amplifies curls, locking them into place.

Cathy suggested I get the popular new “hair adornments”— tinsel pieces tied into the hair that blend with any shade, or the latest addition, long strands of crystal that add a surprise of sparkle. Not wanting to look like a human Christmas tree, I chose two pieces of gold tinsel that have been getting me compliments and have withstood a barrage of showers and shampoos.

New looks make us feel and look bolder. So deck out your hair for the holidays with a touch of tinsel, a full blowout, a sleek pony tail or a romantic look. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and it doesn’t hurt to look fabulous.