Nada’s Notes December 2011

* ‘neath the halo of the moon
blew down on her sail
seasons changing
i can smell it in the air
i can see it in their paintings
and I can hear it in the wind, hear it rise and descend
through the many colored trees, forms a many colored breeze
made of many colored leaves, departing ever so gracefully

it has been unseasonably warm lately—air conditioning in november? but this morning the sky took its first turn towards the steely pale that airs the coming of winter. and with it, came the anticipation of all the things that make this season special.

that’s the stuff we’re trying to capture in this, our seventh annual holiday edition. it’s more than just our biggest publication to date. it is a new depth of voices reaching across this 118-mile sandbar to come together in celebrating what makes holidays on long island so special. it’s like a show we’ve curated, sampling many of the wonderful sounds, sights, smells and tastes coming this month. and this is your front row ticket.

pull up a chair to find out about the music of singer-songwriter katie pearlman and rising opera star jeanette vecchione, two local girls making good on the stage. writer/musician rorie kelly talks to pearlman about songwriting and mike block caught up with vecchione between her engagements at the most hallowed opera houses in europe. take in the sights of the art scene by viewing the exhibits at tripoli gallery, adelphi university, heckscher museum of art, the pollock-krasner house and brooklyn’s yes! gallery. their exciting shows are covered on these pages to connect you with the imaginings of artists whose interpretations just might carry you into the new year with some special insights.

our dining and nightstyles segments feature the newest restaurants to enter the scene, as well as an interview with a master, garden city hotel’s chef steven de bruyn, and foodie gossip leaks the specials some top eateries will offer this month. additionally, as a one-time bonus, richard jay scholem, our yeoman restaurant reviewer, shares his insights on how to spot a bad restaurant. richard has eaten at thousands of restaurants around the world and can certainly weigh in on the good, bad and ugly, he’s the man to follow to steer clear of the losers.

chances are you’ll be doing a lot of shopping this month, too. go ahead, thumb your nose at the recession (and, actually, help things) by collecting the jewels and watchwear of our objects of desire that you’ll want to give and get. follow our holiday gift guide to find the treasures you’ll want to shop by, wish for and lust after. and pull a page from our stylist’s fashion spread before stepping out on the town to capture the evening looks worthy of staying out well past sunrise.

before the holiday hangover sets in, slow it down and enjoy holidays in the hamptons. our east end villages are shaping up to be as bustling with events as in the summer (but with smaller crowds) and will no doubt be as picturesque. when you find yourself ready to take to the snow, options abound. conditions in the northeast are reportedly good for frequenting the slopes and our ski school maps out the top mountains’ best terrains (and your best options for honing skills on them). between those trips north and east, there is an embarrassment of riches to draw your attention, especially if you’re looking to spend the big night out here on long island. there is no shortage of new year’s eve extravaganzas, you just have to decide which one suits you best.

we here at the magazine are getting ready to break for our annual sabbatical. pulse people will travel, make discoveries, catch up on life and probably also do a good amount of nothing (hey, you gotta decompress sometimes). don’t worry, we’ll be back in time to reconnect with you and compile the february issue.

*there’s a ring around the moon,

*ring around the moon, by elephant revival

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.