Port Jeff Brewing Company Releases Second Porter Bottle


Port Jeff Brewing Company released the second bottle from its three-bottle series of Port Jeff Porter on Saturday, 12/10.

This installment of corked, caged, and numbered 750ml bottles, which contain the inaugural batch of Port Jeff Porter aged in Heaven Hill Distilleries whiskey barrels for three months, impart “huge whiskey and oak flavors,” and, according to Port Jeff Brewing Company’s description, maintains “the smooth finish founded in our standard porter.”

It is limited to 300 bottles.


The third installment of Porter, also aged in Heaven Hill Distilleries whiskey barrels and limited to 300 bottles, will be released on 10/12/12, to commemorate Port Jeff Brewing Company’s one-year anniversary.

niko krommydas

Niko Krommydas has written for Tasting Table, BeerAdvocate, Munchies, and First We Feast. He is editor of Craft Beer New York, an app for the iPhone, and a columnist for Yankee Brew News. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.