Nada’s Notes Feb 2012

*I tell you girls
I dig you
But I just don’t have time
To sit and chit and sit and chit chat and smile
Don’t send me no doctor
Filling me up with all those pills
I got me a man named Dr. Feelgood
And oh! Yeah! That man takes care of all my pains and my ills

for one short little month, february sure has a lot going for it. and pulse’s first issue of the year brings us back from sabbatical to live the next four weeks to their fullest potential. because this month, this beginning, sets the tone for the whole year. february may be the most inspired, daring, provocative page of the calendar, actually (ok, as an aquarian i may be a little biased). it is the time when all those resolutions are really put to the test and our attention to controlling our destinies is the highest. the trick is keeping that perspective throughout the year.

we know you mean to make these next twelve months your best yet. that you’re finally going to give in to some of the guilty pleasures that have been whispering to you for eons. luckily, we live on long island where an abundance of pastimes to make you happy are readily available (once you make it through the gridlock and taxes). the annual pulse bucket list graces this issue to inspire some of these in short order. like the best friend who causes a lot of trouble but never steers you wrong (and keeps you smiling all the while), consider this the kick in your pants to get out and do something, even if it’s not on this list. live the arts, spend more time with friends, plan an adventure, make this the year you do whatever it is that will make you feel energized and bubbly when you think about it. (hey now, those thoughts are none of our business.)

our essential instinct to want the best extends to all areas of our lives, really. mark rhodes explores this apropos of luxury, fashion and lifestyles in accessing the aspirational, his first byline with us. mark follows the human desire for opulence starting with the earliest of peoples and leading to the current day. with americana manhasset and london jewelers as his anchors, he explores some of the facets that drive this commercial industry and how these two local hallowed venues are among the vanguard of an international market.

one person who is well versed in living life to the fullest is countess luann de lesseps, our cover model and star of romance reflections. she is primarily known for her role as a “real housewife of ny,” her connection to the east end and her philanthropic work, but this segment, a remembrance of a lover’s weekend, set in reverse, is a fashion story that captures the intimacy and tenderness that make our pursuits of the sublime both beautiful and intimidating. shot at her private home by lynn spinnato, our polestar is both soft and commanding, on the page and in person. through her natural sense of herself, she inspires the elusive quality of living in the moment. and that’s well worth striving for.

you may have your own romantic ambitions in mind, too. like where to go on the last day of the second week of the month. dining à la française is a trio of long island bistros set to fit any parisian love story and tables by number, the companion piece, highlights five of the most romantic nooks to be found at some of our favorite restaurants—ask for them by name when you make your reservation. to guide you through the inherent purchasing pressures this day can bring, our objects of desire exhibits some very unique treasures and long island’s crowning jewelers, our special section, introduces you to the individuals behind some of the most trusted retailers.

this sense of beginnings makes february an exciting month indeed. here’s to another eleven to follow suit behind it.

*Taking care of business is really this man’s game,

*“Dr. Feelgood (Love is a Serious Business),” Aretha Franklin

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.