Patent Pending on your Valentine at the Chance Theater

Save Me
You always pick up the pieces
And save me from myself…
Everything I ever do
It’s all for you
My little Valentine

Growing up on Long Island, members of Patent Pending listened to everything form Green Day and blink-182 to the Beach Boys and the Beatles, but they also had a deep appreciation for the local music scene:

“We are blessed to be a part of the Long Island scene,” notes vocalist Joe Ragosta. “We got to grow up watching bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, the Movie Life and Glassjaw redefine genres. It was the perfect place to learn everything we needed to know to prepare us for the road… The scene is still thriving with younger bands like Giants At Large, This Good Robot and No Good News, to name a few. We’re proud to be from Long Island, it’s a badge of honor that we wear with pride.”

Their pop-punk sound has elements of hip-hop and R&B, and Patent Pending, who would love to tour with Andrew W.K. or Simple Plan, has opened up for bands like Gym Class Heroes, Catch 22, Bowling for Soup and the Dollyrots. The group–including lead guitarist Marc Kantor, bassist Travis McGee, vocalist/guitarist Josh Dicker, drummer Travis McGee and vocalist/lead guitarist Rob Felicetti–is really looking forward to playing with Bon Jovi at the Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park, NJ this May. Music from the P-Unit’s latest record, “Second Family,” produced by Jordan Schmidt (Motion City Soundtrack) has been played on MTV2, and the song “One Less Heart to Break,” an “anti-suicide song,” hit number one on

“‘Second Family’ is a very personal record,” reveals Ragosta. “Each song has a story behind it. The title track on the album is inspired by the fans of our band that we have come to call family. This time last year we had hit rock-bottom financially and came to a point where we didn’t have enough money to continue as a band. We were ready to throw in the towel for good, but decided to put up a save our band campaign on the website We were asking for enough money to record a new album, and hoped to get $7,500 over a 30-day promotion of the campaign. But our fans rallied behind us and we raised all the money in just 24 HOURS and then some! It’s that kind of love and support that this Patent Pending community, or ‘Second Family,’ is known for. I think that’s a really beautiful thing.”

You can expect to hear old and new music when Patent Pending plays the Loft at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie on Friday, the 17th. Listen for the timely song, “Valentine,” and some other surprises:

“We always try to mix a cover into the set if time allows for it,” says Ragosta. “You can expect anything from Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ to the Back Street Boys ‘I Want It That Way.’ The show starts at 6pm and the line-up is looking awesome–very excited to get back to the Loft at The Chance. The venue has a lot of history, and it’s always fun to play there.”

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