Found Space

Most of us would like more room in our homes. Sometimes the solution isn’t to expand, but to work with what you have. Maximize effective use of space by converting an underused area into a functional one. Small, oddly-shaped rooms, large pantries and unfinished basements often lie unused. Channel that space to practical use or a multipurpose room and you’ll enjoy a whole new area within your home.

If you have an unfinished basement, the predictable solution when transitioning it into functional space is to create a new place to watch TV or a playroom for the kids. But a multifunctional basement allows for both of those, plus a combination of other functions. A bar, workout room, game room, home office and lounge area are all possible when you plan your basement for multipurpose use. When designing this combination space, create zones to separate each area, while maintaining an open layout.

A see-through fireplace, shelving or home aquarium can be used to partition while adding a unique style to the room. If you enjoy hosting friends, a multipurpose basement is a great addition to a home. A bar area, comfortable seating and a game area work together to create an ideal environment for entertaining.

A small and narrow space is not a lost cause. With a little creativity, any space can be turned around and made practical. For narrow spaces, paint bold colors on the walls and take advantage of height with tall shelves to extend the usable amount of square footage. Large closets and pantries, because of their tricky shapes, tend to end up as cluttered storage spots. These are actually perfect small rooms to transform into useful space. Think about your hobbies and your family’s needs—this space could be a sewing or craft nook, or a small office with a spot for the family computer. Install cabinets or shelving that will create extra space for organized storage. Most laundry rooms are small, yet often the space is not maximized and could be arranged more efficiently. If you have room next to the washer and dryer, add a countertop, shelving and chair to create an instant versatile workspace.