Legal Eagles 2012 – Top Ten Legal Eagles of 2011

In conjunction with publishing the 2011 list, A/V rated attorneys were invited to nominate those whose expertise and practices were so outstanding in ten specified areas, they could be considered to be “the best.” At the inaugural dinner, these awards were given and this year’s Legal Eagles section casts a special spotlight on those individuals who remain in good A/V standing.

In Memoriam: James Pedowitz, 1916—2012, who received the award for 2011 Top Peer Nominated Legal Eagle in the Area of Practice: Real Estate Law.

Andrew Thaler

Area of Practice: Banking, Bankruptcy, Tax & Collections
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Lois Schlissel

Area of Practice: Corporate, Contracts & Business Law
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Stephen Scaring

Area of Practice: Civil & Criminal Law
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Stephen Gassman

Area of Practice: Divorce, Child, Family & Matrimonial Law.
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Kevin Schlosser

Area of Practice: Litigation
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Michael Ivone, Richard Jensen & Robert Devine

Area of Practice: Medical Malpractice
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Chris McGrath, Nick Papain, Bob Sullivan, Vito Cannavo & Mike Block

Area of Practice: Personal Injury Law
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Ernest Wruck

Area of Practice: Trusts & Estates
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Salvatore Marinello

Winner named: Most Unbeatable
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