The Magic of Makeup

Makeup is magic. If, like many women, you feel a burst of joy upon finding just the perfect shade of lipstick, you have experienced the magic firsthand. How is something so external able to transform us from within? Because when we look good, we feel good. Makeup has the power to lift our spirits and give us confidence, helping us to express our individuality to the world.

If you are in need of a magical transformation, the best place to start is your eyes. First and foremost, make sure those brows are in order. When your eyebrows are shaped properly they give you a polished look with or without makeup. If you feel comfortable shaping your own brows, be sure to keep them filled in, as a fuller brow is the current trend. You can use a powder one shade lighter than your natural color to fill in sparse areas, and a pencil to create texture. If you are not comfortable shaping your own brows, reach out to one of the many talented eyebrow specialists at salons across Long Island. Find someone you love and stick with him/her.

Color is also an important factor in creating a transformational look. A contemporary take on choosing an eye shadow color is to think monochromatically. I suggest basing your lid with a cream shadow the same color as your eyes. Cream shadows are quick and easy to apply and are essentially foolproof. To intensify this look, you can layer a corresponding jewel-toned shadow on top of the cream, which will reflect the color of your eyes and give you a natural sparkle.

For an alternative look, consider pairing a neutral shadow with a contrasting liner color, such as blue for brown eyes, plum for green eyes and brown for blue eyes. Contrasting colors enhance your natural eye color and make a bold statement. Though eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes is very sexy, it can also create the illusion of a smaller eye. If that is a concern, apply your liner to the outer rims of your eye, instead.

When deciding where to place your eye shadow color, an important factor to consider is the shape of your eyes. Look in the mirror and determine if your eyes are close-set or wide-set, or whether the corners of your eyes are pulling down. You can address any areas of concern with thoughtful placement of color. If your eyes are close-set, apply the darkest shade of shadow along the outer corner of your eyes. This will “widen” the appearance of your eyes. If your eyes are set farther apart, add a midtone shade to your inner tear duct area to draw them closer together. Additionally, by drawing your eyeliner up toward the corners of your brows in a subtle winged motion, you will give your face an immediate lift.

Once you decide on your color scheme, you will need to finish your eyes with a generous coat of either lengthening or volumizing mascara, depending on your lashes. A great way to up the wow factor for special occasions is to add false lashes. You can apply a few individual lashes to enhance your natural look or go with a full strip for all-out glamour.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to eye makeup and it can often feel overwhelming. Try the tips above to start and see where they take you. You may feel inspired to wear a completely different style. Isn’t that what transformation is all about? Above all, enjoy experimenting with new looks. You will know you’ve got the right combination when you feel that magical spark.